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Hey everyone, being as I'm a crafty guy, and my Dad also being in the trade business for over 30 years is crafty ha ha
anyway, i was thinking of building my own tank out of acrylic.
The hardware store that i will not say its name
sells acrylic 1/2 thick! in 24x48 sheets. and they sell the sheets In packs of 4.
thats alot of acrylic i was thinking of crafting a tank 24 x 45-47 . Ive done Lots of reading on building acrylic aquariums and a basic Rectangle dint seem to hard to do seeing as i do lots of Car Modding and work with my dad in the trade anywho. so I'm thinking of undertanking this project.
ill let you know how it goes it will all go by How much the Hardware store wants for the sheets of acrylic. if its more then what a Tank that size will cost i wont build but I'm thinking +.
ill let you all know how it g0es 0n Tues seeing as Monday is Family Day crazy holidays


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Hi!  I am also interest in DIY projects and just today came across this link that helps explain size, material and gives a step by step build guide.  Hope it helps.  Good luck!
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