Acrilic tanks strong enough?

  1. Tony G.

    Tony G. Fishlore VIP Member

    Well my boss happens to work very well with acrilic and we even talked about making a tank. The thing he mentioned is that the pressure the water will be putting on the acrilic may be a problem. The tank's dimension's would be:

    72"L 24"H and 16"W

    Would it be too much weight and how thick would the acrilic have to be?
  2. iloveengl

    iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    :;dk Wow. I have a 13g acrilic that's great, but I can't imagine one that size. I think it would be like a glass tank that large - it needs support and reinforcement. Even glass tanks that get to the 55g and larger size can bow if they're not supported with a good trim and center braces.

    Let us know if he gives it a shot!
  3. OP
    Tony G.

    Tony G. Fishlore VIP Member

    Thanks ilove! the tank would have supports on the corners as well as an integrated top, kinda like this:
    the pic wont work, here's the link:

    Only it would be bigger and it would have 2 or 3 braces across the top to prevent bowing..
  4. Slug

    Slug Well Known Member Member

    Its possible. Just use the eurobracing like that picture shows. And make sure you have good bonds on the acrylic edges.
  5. OP
    Tony G.

    Tony G. Fishlore VIP Member

    alrighty! This should be fun!!! i cant wait to make up the stocking list for that baby... i want an oscar :) LOL
  6. Meenu

    Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    Hi Tony! I hope the new job is went well today. Seems like you already hit it off with the boss.

    I have a 30 gallon acrylic tank and I love it. The front bows very slightly, but it seems very sturdy. I know people have said they scratch easily, but we've been lucky so far. We've really liked it.

    Sorry, I don't know about the thickness, etc., though.