I noticed that one of my flame variant dwarf gourami's has developed something rather like a zit or a cold sore on his right lower lip. Its a bumb, with a slightly red colored tip, but otherwise matches the scale tone.

I looked through the disease section on the site and also in the books I have and this doesn't match up with any bacteria, fungi, or disease.

Any thoughts?


this is exactly what's happening to my girl @ the moment... and the truth is, I don't think anybody knows... in the case of my girl, the zit has gone down significantly almost over night... but i've read some horror stories from other guys about finding the same symptoms and having the fish end up with ulcers, holes, parasites and all sorts... nobody seems to know what to treat this with either, some people like me have discovered that it's gone away on it's own, other's have tried everything and still lost the fish - it's most weird!

sorry - that wasn't exactly helping, but that's all I know!

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I talked to the experts at the LFS, and they suggested that I treat the water with Melacin - a kind of tetrI oil for fish tanks. No sign of improvement yet, but the fish seem to really dig the stuff. They get as excited when I add it as they do at feeding time. And the color has really come out on the gourami. I'll report back if it works.

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