ACK! 3 problems in 1 post - Worms in filter???? Dead cory Yuck on bio grid

Discussion in 'Corydoras' started by Jenifer Morrison, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Jenifer MorrisonNew MemberMember

    So I changed my filter yesterday and discovered the bio grid had what appeared to be slime worms "blowing" out from the filter, I took it out and rinsed it off and thought it was just algae or something. While I was doing other things, the filter was left sitting in a basin overnight. #3 son was up all night cleaning (he's on prednisone for poison oak), picked up the filter to throw it away and found a basin full of little white worms. There are only a few worms left now (I am guessing they went back to the filter) but they are tiny, white, and have a dark head. From my reading this forum I am guessing they are planaria or nematodes (same thing???)...don't know how cause we give the fishes food and watch them clean it up and stop feeding when they stop eating. I did feed a bit more yesterday cause I brought home 3 corys yesterday and wanted them to get some food. Guess I should just get something just for them that will settle to the bottom?

    After that horror, I went to look at my new babies and could only find 2 of them. #1 dtr found the third...attached to the intake of the filter...When I went to remove him, he appears to be breathing but he is definately NOT right. Is this what I get for buying fish at Walmart or is there something more wrong? Everyone else seems happy and of the corys (who does not have the same markings as the other 2 - is that a problem?) is absolutely crazy, darting all over the place, up and down the sides of the tank (vertically), and the other though not as hyper is swimming along merrily. The danioes are their usual hyperactive selves, and the tetras are just swimming around lazily (like normal - they rarely get excited unless there is food in the tank!). Water parameters prior to water change yesterday were pH 8.2, ammonia 0.25, nitrite 0, nitrate 40 ppm...getting ready to check today to see if something went terribly awry!

    So, my questions: are these things related? Do I need to feed less? Guessing I need a gravel vacuum now..was avoiding for now cause I have NO idea how to use...Is there something more serious wrong???

    Thanks for your help!
  2. MtnTigerWell Known MemberMember

    I can't answer on the worms but I wouldn't buy from my Walmart after seeing the condition of their tanks. They just don't take good care of their fish.

    You really should have purchased 6 corys of the same species and it appears you have a mixed bag. I have found that different species of corys behave differently. Some are laid back and others act they are on a strong caffeine diet. Having a single specie would just aggravate the situation.

    I do not think the two things are related and other than continuing to check your parameters there isn't much you can do but wait it out.

    Now some will say take the corys back or re-home them but in the case of Walmart I think that is like sentencing them to death. I would think they have a much better chance of surviving under your care.

    Good luck.
  3. isacrValued MemberMember

    Wal-Mart has been know to carry sick fish. You should go to a petsmart or petco or your local shop.
  4. Jenifer MorrisonNew MemberMember

    Actually the tanks at this Wal-mart look better than normal or I would not have bought them, but God only know what might have happened to them before putting them in the "nice" tanks...Wal-mart guy said they get their supplies in on Friday so if I would get anymore Wal-mart fish I'm thinking that will be the day...BIG IF! OK, so here I am sitting with 2 corys evidently of different breeds - neither will be happy, correct? My fish options are limited without driving the whole way to Lancaster...My tank was already getting a tad full...any reasonable correction or ride it out and hope for the best? BTW - parameters are nearly unchanged since yesterday - pH down a little (used distilled water) 8.0, nitrate 20 ppm (checked my home supply tap water and there is 20 in it normally - add prime to my water but have been unsuccessful at getting it below that)...nitrite 0 ammonia 0.25

    The guy at Wal-mart says that Petsmart lost all their fish last week...not sure how or why...that's where I got my tetras...last week...may have to head back there for Corys - wal-mart was convenient and appeared clean...but thanks for the heads up!
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