ACF and BPC cohabitating?

  1. e

    eyesofgreen New Member Member

    Has anyone ever tried having African Clawed Frogs and Blood Parrot Cichlids in the same tank? when adults, the BPC are too large for the ACF to try and eat, and the ACF is too large to be bothered by the BPC.....

    If I try cohabitating them together when they are you think they could adapt to living together?

    I may try rearranging my tanks on tuesday to give this experiment a go.....

    If you have tried this let me know!!!
  2. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I don't know about compatability but your tanks aren't big enough for BP's.
    They can grow really big.
    You might want to check out some of Ken's threads to see just how big they can get.