Acclimation: Lighting And Feeding Question

  1. Franco

    Franco Valued Member Member

    Hello All!

    So my 10 gallon tank has just completed cycling and I just purchased a dwarf gourami and tiger nerite snail. I'm trying my best to minimize the stress the fish experiences while it gets used to its new tank. A couple questions for you guys:

    1.) How long should I keep my LED aquarium light off?

    2.) When should I start feeding the fish... tomorrow?... the next day?

    Thanks in advanced!
  2. bryangar

    bryangar Well Known Member Member

    Keep your lights off for the rest of the day and turn the light on tomorrow like any regular day.

    You can start feeding tomorrow as well. See if he’s willing to eat so add very little.
  3. OP

    Franco Valued Member Member

    Thank you! I imagine he will want to eat tomorrow. He seems to be nibbling at some of the bubbles created by the airstone.