Acclimate using Tom Aquatics Dip & Pour

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    Just want to share how I acclimated my new fish. It's a combination of temperature and drip acclimation process.

    Materials: Dip & Pour, short airline hose, long airline hose, airline valve (optional), airline suction cups (optional), and a bucket.

    Step 1: Open bag and place the fish and water in the Dip & Pour container.

    Step 2: Place the container inside the aquarium hanging on the side. Make sure the water level inside the container is lower so that the Dip & Pour is slightly floating.

    Step 3: Submerge a short airline hose inside the aquarium making sure that there are no more bubbles in the hose. Plug both ends of the hose with your fingers.

    Step 4: Place one end of the hose inside the container and the other end in the aquarium. Water will slowly flow from the aquarium to the container.

    Step 5: Use a long airline hose with one end in the container and the other in the empty bucket on the floor. Make sure that the hoses inside the Dip & Pour are on opposite ends. You can use airline suction cups to secure them.

    Step 6: Start the siphon from the container to the bucket. You can tie a knot on the hose to restrict the drip rate or use an airline valve.

    Water will drain from the Dip & Pour and at the same time water from the aquarium will flow into the container. I do about 4 drips or more per second and I consider acclimation over when the water in the bucket is more than what was in the container. You can do more if you prefer as long as the water isn't too low for the fish.

    I actually got this idea from the Reef Gently Acclimate system video. But theirs is outside the tank therefore not acclimating temperature. I bought the large Dip & Pour from my LFS for only $10.
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    Thats a neat idea with the bag water slowly draining itself! I usually just have to take the bag back off my FA18X system and empty some of the water and then put it back on. I may try a variation of this with the system I have, thanks!
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    Thanks for the tip Matsungit. I have same system that Matt has


    How I empty the bag is using the Airline hose to suction water out instead of taking the bag completely out while at the same time water is still being dripped into the bag.
  4. OP

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    :) Glad I could help! I actually meant to buy an FA18X but then I saw the RG Acclimate instructional video and thought it would be better if the box was inside the tank.