acclimate new biomax

  1. J

    Julia035 Initiate Member

    I want to use two biomax in my filter instead of one biomax and one carbon.. I also have a sponge filter that they sit in. How do I acclimate the second biomax? Is this recommended? I have a 21/2 gallon tank with one betta fish.. thanks

  2. el337

    el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    Welcome to the forum :)

    Just so I understand you correctly, you have two filters in this tank? One HOB and one sponge filter? If so, I would think that's a bit too much filtration on such a tiny tank. Usually the sponge filter should be enough because of the tank size.

    As for your question, after you rinse the new biomax in tap water, you can just add it right away.

  3. peregrine

    peregrine Member Member

    Agree with el337. Since you aren't removing your current biological filtration, just add and it will start building up the Bacteria
  4. Mothercrow

    Mothercrow Well Known Member Member

    For my information, does the biomax need to go in the filter, or can it go anywhere in the tank?
  5. peregrine

    peregrine Member Member

    It really needs to go in the filter so it can get the water movement over it to keep the bacteria happy and growing.