Accidentally Tanked Cycle

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by InsanityShard, Apr 17, 2018.

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    My lfs is out of any form of bb boosters at all, and when I took out the old filter from my 10g the tank suffered two ammonia spikes in succession. I cut back food and made sure the small backup filter, which can run 200 liters per hour, was on full blast and clean. But because water changes take 3 days with my shrimp, as I only have one bucket, I couldn't keep on top of it. Today I got a new filter, and I had already added those little white noodle things (unseeded sadly) in next to the air stone in an attempt to keep the cycle. I even did the tanks first gravel vac since I finally got a small enough vaccuum...
    So, the new filter is an Orca internal power filter, with both canisters it can run 800 liters per hour. It can't fit with both on, however, and has a very high flow. is it possible to run it as the main filter, and use the smaller one suring water changes? The level drops for a day while the water gets treated in the bucket, and the smaller filter is the only one small enough for it. I would be leaving both in the tank full time. I plan on doing weekly water changes of about half the water until the cycle resets or I get the bottled bacteria. I'll be getting a second bucket for that. I have a 2 gallon bucket I use for water changes, cleaning the filters e.t.c. and I am not cleaning the filters at the same time as a water change on this tank, but rather, shortly after.
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    There has to be another fish store within a reasonable distance from you, I'd check that out. Pet smarts, petco, etc also carry aquarium equipment, so I'd check those as well.

    Do you have fish in there rn? Just the shrimp? I'd be checking the ammonia, nitrate and nitrite levels every day, and doing 50% water changes as soon as ammonia or nitrate reaches 1ppm or more. And dosing with prime as soon as there is any presence of those.
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    I'm Australian, we don't have those. The other two don't actually have a lot of variety, especially when it comes to fish keeping stuff- I'd actually be amazed if they have this. I'll be checking on Friday anyway, but for now I'm waiting to see if the tank clears with the new filter. Ammonia was 0.25 ppm on the last test. I'll be testing again today. I also have my betta and apple snail in there. I also don't have Prime, since again, Australian, but my mum managed to get me Seachem Safe online and I already used some to help them cope with the ammonia, as well as a very small amount of aquarium salt.