Accidental Carbon

  1. RosaGarden Initiate Member

    I accidentally left in the carbon filter for and hour or two after introducing the first dose of Tetracycline. My question is whether the removal of the medicine is more or less instantaneous or takes a good while. I know I lost at least some, but if it isn't much, I will just continue with the course of treatment. I would really rather not do a 100 % water change and start over unless I have to, but I will if I have to. I did see some yellow in the filter when I took it out and I shook it in the tank to try to put it back in. Any advice woule be great. Thanks!
  2. fissh Well Known Member Member

    How big is the tank? What kind of filter, and how much carbon is in the filter? Most of the time TC is dosed every 24 hours, so pull the carbon out and follow the instructions just like the carbon never happened.
  3. RosaGarden Initiate Member


    It is a five gallon tank and I'm not sure exactly how much carbon is in there. It is the type of filter made for the old Marineland 5 gallon hex aquariums. I don't think they even make that aquarium anymore. Does the size and filter make a difference to what I should do?
  4. RosaGarden Initiate Member

    I am also wondering if the carbon was REALLY active. I thought carbon was supposed to fizz and rinse out black when you rinse it before putting it in the tank. When I used this tank in the past, that's what would happen. I got it on Ebay and the seller hasn't answered my questions about that. If I got scammed, maybe it's lucky since the tetracycline would still all be in the water?
  5. fissh Well Known Member Member

    Your right, no fizz no good! Even if it is a good activated carbon I don't think the filter will hold enough to take out much of the TC.
  6. RosaGarden Initiate Member

    Well good, then it did no harm!

    If the filters are REALLY old, could the carbon have gone bad? But then I also find it quite weird that there was no black residue. Maybe someone found a way to really thoroughly clean a used filter and sell it on Ebay?

    Now I think about it, I am not sure I want activated carbon at all. When my Indian almond leaves come, I'll actually want the tannins, since my fish might like them or they might be good for him. Maybe just occasionally if it gets too yellow from whatever plants I also put in there.
  7. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    I've never had carbon fizz before. Also the other day I forgot to rinse my filter before putting it in one of my tanks and no black residue leaked out.
  8. Dragones5150918 Well Known Member Member

    Active carbon lasts about 3 to 4 weeks depending on the GPH that go through it. It does not nessarly need to make the sizzle sound. 2 week old AC won't make a sound, but is still working.

    If your carbon is a month old or more, it's more or less used up.

    Also, do you know Tetracycline kills your cycle? You need to monitor your ammonia and nitrite during treatment. What I normally do is remove my cycled media to another tank during treatments, then just use AC in my filter for a few days to remove cycle killing treatments, then put the media back in the tank. That way I won't have to recycle my tank. Just food for thought.
  9. RosaGarden Initiate Member

    Yeah, I know it would destroy my cycle if I had one. I'll set that up once the antibiotics course is ended.