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  1. Speedy Well Known Member Member

    I just need some help on how to treat a Otto for flukes. I have never had one of the little guys and I think I need to treat my 10 gallon quarantine tank b/c the Gourami and my Tetra Long fin Serpaes, have been darting and flicking on decor.
    I'm really needing a medication that will not kill the cycle and can be used on Otto's and he is just a baby so I have to be careful.
    Thought about Fluke tabs but I'm not sure does anyone know of a good medication that will be ok to use?
    I have been looking on the net but haven't found anything. Would love some help please.;D
  2. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

  3. Speedy Well Known Member Member

    I haven't had much luck with the Anit-Parasite Medicated fish food I haven't gotten any fish to eat it yet but it will not hurt to try again. ;)
    I have some Quick Cure but I'm not sure if I can use it on my baby Otto. I think Quick Cure can also mess up the cycle. :(
  4. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    I used this food because it was the only thing I could find in my area that contained something that actually killed Gill Flukes.

    Yeah, if you use it wrong, QuICK Cure will ruin your cycle. I took the betta out of the main tank to treat him. If you use it carefully, you should be fine. I've used it with Ottos in the tank before, and had no problems. :)

  5. Speedy Well Known Member Member

    Yeah I have had a rough time trying to cycle my tanks and I sure don't want to mess the cycle up unless it is absolutely necessary. So I think I will past on the Quick Cure.
    But I have been thinking about Prazipro also I might go that route. Have you ever used that on your Otto's?
  6. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    No, but if you can even find it, you should be in good business lol
  7. Speedy Well Known Member Member

    I have some already in my emergency medications but I bought mine in Knoxville I hope they still have it just in case I might need more.
    Thank you for helping. ;)

  8. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    lol you're welcome :)