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  1. Georgie Girl

    Georgie Girl Valued Member Member

    Here’s my Fishy Boris Karloff. (This is an older photo. If you like I’ll post a more recent one.) I got him from dastardly Petsmart’s tiny cup farm on April 13. He had terrible fin rot. Since then he’s thrived in good water and with good food – just as this community said he would do. Thank you all!

    So as you see, he’s white, actually kinda pinkish, with charcoal fins. Has anyone any experience with a pinkish fish with charcoal fins? I’m wondering if he’ll ever color up.

    If he doesn’t ever get any colors, no matter. I just want him healthy and engaged.

  2. LilBlub

    LilBlub Well Known Member Member

    There are “cellophane” bettas who always have a pale, fleshy color. Sometimes they can have the pinkish-white body color and darker fins. That might be what he is. Or, he might just be a pale betta who will eventually get really bright! It’s always hard to tell with bettas, they’re never consistent with their colors!