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How long does it take for these guys to go from fry to near enough fully grown? Reason I ask is that I started with three and they were rarely seen in my tank as it has a lot of hiding places. I had been noticing that they were more active of late and was seeing them out and about a lot more. Looks like that's not the case as ive been watching them tonight and I can count at least 7 or 8 at any given time. The ones that are "new" seem to be completely transparent where as the ones I started with have more and larger dots and blotches on them. Google says that to have these things breed is tough and you have to do all sorts to facilitate it. I've done nothing and I seem to have a whole bunch of them tearing around the place. If this has happened once is it likely to happen again. I don't want my tank overrun by these little dudes. I've been watching as I have written this and I think I have counted at least ten of them now, including the enormous female i've had since the beginning. Shes doing hand stands and kicking what I presume must be eggs out her butt. Either that or she has a real bad itch. Anyone had this before or know what's coming next?


Are you sure they're not ghost shrimp? Got a pic? Amano larva require saltwater to survive and turn into shrimplets.


Definitely not Amano shrimp. As already said, they require saltwater to grow from larvae stage to shrimplets. Amano shrimp larvae:

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