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Discussion in 'Puffers' started by AnthonySharpe, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. AnthonySharpeNew MemberMember

    so I have a very happy, although sometimes very very shy abei puffer. I came across him in my lfs, and absolutely loved him. He's my 2nd favorite fish I ever had, with the first being my albino oscar. I unfortunately had I get rid of the oscar though. I just want to know, what is the best possible way to make my puffer less shy, and to have a little more personality? Can anybody tell me about how their puffer acted? I've given him plenty of plants, logs and rock to make him feel more secure. I just want to know if their is any kind of secret to keeping an Abei puffer? Thanks c: he is quite fat and healthy, so he is not actually sick c:
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    I do not have an Abei puffer, but I did a little research. The main thing that I could find stated that he is primarily a nocturnal and twilight hunter which would cause him to hide out a bit more during the day. They come from SE Asia and the Mekong River Basin so the plants, logs and rocks are great for him.

    You can try feeding early in the morning or in the evening before lights out to see him more often. I personally have 4 dwarf puffers, 2 are out almost all the time, one is out occasionally and the 4th comes out when food is available. They have different personalities and the best thing is just to try to work with his personality and figure out his likes and dislikes.

    I hope this helps some.

    What size tank are you keeping him in? are there any tank mates? what are you feeding him? and how long have you had him?

    Also, was the tank cycled completely before you added the puffer? what are your water parameters and what method do you use for testing?
  4. OP

    AnthonySharpeNew MemberMember

    I have a small test kit, the ph is slightly acidic at like 6.7. No ammonia and nitrates either. He's in a 60 gallon tank now, with a clown plecostomus and striped rapheal catfish. I breed trumpet snails to occasionally feed him, and for treats I feed him mystery snails which he seems to love. But for a main diet I feed him frozen shrimp and frozen krill. I've had the tank cycled for a year, I have up my oscar for the puffer. I do wish I could still have an oscar, but oh well. I've had him for about 1.5 months.
  5. Tonia

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    It sounds like a lovely home. I would guess the main reason he seems to hide so much is just because his particular species prefers twilight and overnight to be active. Maybe you could try some floating plants to help block the light. I would love to see pictures of him. They are beautiful puffers.
  6. OP

    AnthonySharpeNew MemberMember

     Only picture I haven not home at the momment. Sorry
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  7. OP

    AnthonySharpeNew MemberMember

    So do you know if anything else can be added, or is he far too agressive?

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