A tank for my son

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Today my father in law came into posession of a 5 gallon tank with a complete set up. Tank, filter, hood, light. I thought it would be perfect for my son's room. He told me he's only got $2 into it seeing as how that's how much he paid for it at a yard sale and gave it to us. I was just looking for some ideas as to what to put in this thing. My son like the puffers but when I told him that it was all he could put in it he seemed a little dissappointed. Any other ideas as to what he might like. Keep in mind we already have 2 community tanks and I would like something different.
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A couple of male guppies would be cool.
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A betta might be the fish for that tank. Definitely not a community fish really. A male betta will have bigger fins but a female betta can be just as colorful (although they appear more dull in the store from stress) and tend to be healthier overall.

You could also go to the puffer forum and show him some puffers - they really have a lot of character. The dwarf puffers are small and you could try putting a few in the 5 gallon tank.
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One dwarf puffer needs 3G of water, so you could only really have one in there. I've found out from someone who has one that it doesn't seem lonely as the only fish of that species. Perhaps he could throw in a ghost shrimp? We're busy planning the stocking of a 10G and we DEFINITELY  want a dwarf puffer for it, that's why I know a little bit about it now. From what I've heard, they're definitely worth having in terms of character and intelligence.

How old is your son? Would he be ready to really care for a betta? It takes some close monitoring and much time I understand. I guess if he has 2 community tanks, he should know how to handle it.

No matter what you choose the main fish, I would definitely get 2 otos. They're tiny and great at eating brown algae. They tend to be ignored, and to ignore, other fish.
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I would also recommend a Betta!! I have 1 in a 5 gallon!! they look so beautiful and they r hardy and easy to take care. Cories r good choice too.
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I would suggest male guppies too!
they are easy to take care of, and they look cool too!
By they way, how old is your son?
It might depend on the age to...
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Don't dwarf puffers see shrimp as lunch?
An invert tank would be kind of cool. (at least, I think so, and would have thought so as a kid). A few amano shrimp (or any other type of shrimp) and a mystery snail or two, or you could get some sort of small crab (they've got some at the local pet store that like to perch on packing peanuts floating on the top of the water).
Otherwise, a small group of neon or cardinal tetras, or the male guppy idea would be pretty neat.
A betta is a neat idea, too.
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Dwarf puffers and shrimps are a common combination, with a 50/50 chance of success, admittedly, but commonly attempted! It's just that there is so little choice when it comes to dwarf puffers, and that is one of the generally attempted ones it seems.
Callum The Cat
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u could have a male betta and a few females or u could have some smaller tetras I have a 7 gallon I have 5 guppys and 6 neons ;D Callum!
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The main thing to think about, especially in a smaller tank is the 1" (adult size) per gallon guideline. You can fit more fish in, but then you're putting a heavy bioload on the tank system which leaves you the chore of much more frequent water changes and testing and also opens your fish up to more disease and fighting due to stress from feeling cramped. 3 guppies, 1 betta and 2 otos, a puffer and a couple shrimp, 3 neon tetras are each options that could work.

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