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A Tail Of Two Honey Gouramis

Discussion in 'Gouramis' started by FishMommer, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. FishMommer Valued Member Member

    So I am curious. Those of you who have or have had Honey Gouramis. I am cycling the tank so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Not sure if it matters but readings have been consistently .25 or less 0 and 5 so far? Set up last week? Water with conditioner Friday, Saturday TSS+ along with extra sponge from Tank 1 (but it is newer - only in tank 1 since Wednesday? and I had rinsed the original sponge that day).

    One HG is slimmer and I every day I see him poop at least one if not multiple times. I have seen him eat the little bit of food I give them. The other HG is not as slim. I have never seen him eat or poop?
    They both seem fine health wise? I just find it odd that the other appears to not eat or even care if there is food? And the first one, I wouldn't think he could go that often with the amount of food given?

    Any ideas? The kids also mentioned there was a lot of waste in the bag when they came home with us. Does it matter? Should I be concerned?

  2. Samanthaljay Valued Member Member

    Got any pics?

    I have 2 honeys.. 2 female and 1 male. I noticed with mine they tend to pick at the food after it has sunk and do not eat it when I immediately feed like my Rasboras and Tetras do. Yours are probably eating and you're just not seeing it. I wish I was more experienced to help you out but I actually just got mine about a month ago. Oh what are you feeding them?

  3. Noroomforshoe Valued Member Member

    You are cycling the tank with the fish in it? they are living in toxins and stressfull bounceing water chemistry. No the wont be acting normal and you will be lucky if they dont die.

    Fish poo a lot in the bag on the way home, this is just one of the resons not to put that water in your tank.

  4. FishMommer Valued Member Member

    @Samanthaljay thanks! Helpful even if only you only had them a month. ;) I did notice the slimmer one going after a pellet on the bottom. So maybe that's it. Of course it also went after the flakes on top and a few dried Daphnia on top? Will see. It just seems to pick at everything the decor etc. like it's eating? While the other does nothing? Time will tell I guess. The larger one doesn't seem to be too bothered so maybe there is something I don't know happening.

    @Noroomforshoe, yes I know a big no-no. Fish-in was not my plan, but it is where we are now. Too long to explain. I did put some items (water, sponge, filter floss) in from the other tank to help some. I have been checking parameters day and night. So far they are no different from my other tank (aside from at times tank 1 gets a bit more Nitrates). But I will keep checking. There are some plants growing in this tank 2 as well. So I am hoping that is helping a bit.

    Also I did not put the water from the bag in the tank. :) I was just remarking that we did see a lot in there. And even though there is also water from tank 1 in there. One of them if not both (although I haven't seen fish 2 do so...) are definitely adding to the amount on the sand. Thanks for the notices though!!! :)
  5. Noroomforshoe Valued Member Member

    Sorry that my post was not helpfull.
    I think the gourami might be stressed, try adding decorations that they can hide in and behind, even a mug on its side could help. And Add a stress coat product like seachums paragaurd.
    I dont know if he is pooing to much or not enough, or what you could do about it either way. I had to treat some new loaches with de worming meds once, they ate and ate, but still looked concave. But i dont know how likely it is the the gourami would have worms.
  6. scarface Fishlore VIP Member

    One is likely still adjusting. I find that they tend to take longer to adjust sometimes than many other fish, from my experience.

    It's normal to still see it poop. I suspect they filter feed, which could explain the abnormal amount of poop compared to the other one who's eating just fine. I've had numerous occasions of being gone for a week without feeding to find the algae off the walls and other hard surfaces picked clean as well as the roots of my frogbit eaten to the base of the plants. I also watched them skim the surface, literally watching them eat biofilm.
  7. FishMommer Valued Member Member

    All good Noroomforshoe. Just seems odd with the big difference between them both. There are hiding places. Behaviour-wise they both Seem fine? Not doing anything weird. Just opposites. And I am guessing the big one must be eating Something as we brought him home Saturday? I just haven't seen anything with him. Will keep observing and testing for now. Thanks for the input.

    Well I hope that is it. To be clear it is the bigger guy that is Not eating/pooping. Slim is doing both, enough for both of them. ;) I just didn't know if it was common for the thinner one to go as often as it does. Goodness more than our tetras for sure. I figure if the other is not eating as much, makes sense it's not going. Just worried he is not eating at all. Hopefully he is snagging something while I am not around. Hopefully as you said he is just taking longer to adjust.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 10, 2019
  8. FishMommer Valued Member Member

    So nothing new...just some extra info n pics? Again tonight all same in tank .25 or less Ammonia, 0 Nitrates 5 ppm Nitrates and ph same? hard to tell in evening light vs morning? But it seems the same 7.4 or so.

    I tried to see if maybe it would eat a pellet. It literally fell on his head. No go. Then I tried some frozen brine shrimp especially as it said Gourami on the package? No go again. And when I gave it to the fish in tank 1 (2 sets of tetras) they were ALL over it. Looking at him this evening he was hanging by the heater set to 80 the thermometer at the other end reads 75. But other times he swims around more? But nothing like Penny. Also maybe he is more tired? But again the other was swimming more even later.

    Lethargic Lemon - looks like he would be the bigger eater.
        And Pooping Penny doing his thing. ;)
  9. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    The first one looks quite bloated to me.
    The other has a better shape.
  10. Samanthaljay Valued Member Member

    I was thinking that too. None of my 3 have a belly like that. I don't have any advice on how to help her though :(
  11. FishMommer Valued Member Member

    Going to start a new thread, thanks all