A surprise pond!

  1. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    My dad dropped by today and brought along his old 50(?) gallon pond!

    What a chore to dig the hole, ran into a couple fairly large tree roots so the pond isn't sitting as deep as intended however rocks will help!

    The pond needs a new hose and a couple new fittings so my sweet papa is getting those and bringing them later in the week.

    I added water, and my freshwater water conditioner. I do not yet have any filtration, what is required for a pond? This pond is a two piece that has a waterfall, there's a pump that also has a separate ... uh.... water sprinkler thingie - thingie is a technical term isn't it??

    Photo is ugly ugly but hey it's my first pond!!

    Curious what kind of fishies to put in it - after its fish less cycle of course. I love koi, is there a small fish that looks like koi (this is not suitable to koi at all and I will not buy any).

    Any and all pond advice is welcomed :)

  2. frogmel Initiate Member

    shubunkin and weather loach can go there
  3. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    I'll have to look them up, don't know what they look like. Ohhhh I'm excited!!!

    SQUEEEEE they're so pretty!!!
  4. Cef Member Member

    what are the dimensions of the pond? :) shubunkin looks great! I want to have a set up like http://imgur.com/a/nXIGh this someday!
  5. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    Ah geez lol I'd have to measure but it's about 50 gallons - not big enough for the pretty shubunkin :(

    And holy cow!!!! I want that pond too!!!
  6. Cef Member Member

    read that one shubunkin needs 50gal when fully grown. and an additional of 10-15gal per fish, they get quite big I guess but not that big since I know koi fish are happy with 750g! so I guess you could keep one? We'll just have to wait for other members to respond.
  7. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    Shubunkins are Goldfish, so they will outgrow 50 gallons (or become stunted). Koi can grow to 3ft long and would outgrow 750 gallons (or become stunted). To ensure proper muscle development, koi need a depth of at least 4 feet.
  8. jhigg008 Well Known Member Member

    That is awesssssoooommmeee! Ok if any of us fishlore members win the lotto one day, lets divide the money so that we can all buy a big piece of land and make that EXACT pond (with the basement view of course).
  9. cheese Member Member

    I would not keep a goldfish in that small of a tank or pond...they need a much larger space, though the shubunkins are beautiful fish. a school of minnows requires at least 40 gallons, so you could keep them, along with something like mosquito fish, and they'd be happy and healthy and never outgrow the 50 gallon pond :)

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  10. frogmel Initiate Member

    I found some more fish that could be in there, tilapia, megalotis sunfish, tench, and golden orfe. These are small and can fit there, but i'm not so sure about the tilapia.
  11. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    Tilapia, the same kind I eat? ...
  12. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    What about minnows?? Since my pond is only 50 gallons, a school of 2" fishies would be perfect??? Yes no?
  13. cheese Member Member

    imo, minnows would be your best bet. they're a hardy little schooling fish that would do great in a pond just 50 gallons. :)

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  14. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    Thank you!!! I think I'll stick with minnows!!! But, no fishies till cycled :)
  15. cheese Member Member

    how's the pond going? have you filled er up yet? :)

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  16. Brizburk Well Known Member Member

    Well, I'm waiting to get some professional assistance for a close enough electrical source... So, it's on hold . Hopefully tomorrow!!! Will update when the electrical is installed.
  17. Manjit Member Member

    Small size for a pond...

    Why dont you try to keep some mollies... They are smaller in size... Require less space and care... They got quite a character too... I know you will say they are feeders... But once you have kept them... You will love them... They play around a lot...
  18. cheese Member Member

    any minnows I can find around where I live are all "feeders" and the mollies are quite expensive...I agree maybe look into mollies they do have great personalities and some really neat colours! and you don't need a school for them to be happy, you could start with a few and see how the pond fills itself :)

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  19. Manjit Member Member

    I dont think mollies and guppies are expensive fishes they are very cheap and beautifull....
    here in INDIA you get mollie or guppy 10Rs pair... That is 0.6 american dollar a pair.... If they are slightly grown in size they will cost a little more....
  20. cheese Member Member

    the mollies around here are expensive compared to the minnows...the minnows are $0.25 and a molly is at least $4+ ...this is in Canada :)

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