A surprise among my inbred fourth-generation Endler's

  1. endlercollector

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    My fourth-generation boys have started to get more color, and to my shock, I saw a lavender spot on one peacock with a mostly green body. It is impossible to get a photo of him because he is a typical spaz, and it's too crowded in there (roughly 70 males in 29 gallons), but I can actually pick him out of the entire crowd.

    I do know that his father was a rather unspectacular comma bar as that was the one boy who managed to leap into the third generation virgin girl tank. So my handful of chili Endler's from @ Amazonpassion are not guilty here ;)

    Unfortunately we leave on vacation next week and will be away about a week, so I will not be able to track changes in his colors as he matures. I might not even be able to recognize him when we get back--that has happened enough times :p
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  3. junebug

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    That's neat. I love little surprises like that in my livebearers :)
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