A Sad Farewell

Hello friends I would like to say a goodbye to u all :'( my fish never recovered from the damagin rage of the white spot it wiped out my lot due to the other dissappointments I have had in this hobby I have decided to give up my fish tank u probably were wonderin where I have been well the sad truth is watching my fish deteriate 1 by 1 and die 1 by 1 I worked my very hardest 2 help them but it was 2 far gone the medication did nothin even increasin the temp. all water perameters were normal its just my bad luck! :'( :'(

I am goin 2 concentrate on my smaller animals again I am proud I tried and worked my hardest on my tank but it just wasn't 2 b somehow the tank is sadly up 4 sale with everythin with it so it can go 2 a good home it hurt me dreadfully to see them all die I just couldnt take another battering and knock down. This hobby has taught me a lot of things lol this website has taught me loads and I know when I have children and they get a fish tank I'll b able 2 help them out, no probs!!!

I would like 2 think I made a good contribution to this brilliantly fantastic website and may I say friends long may it continue ! !!??maybe I'll drop u all a line 1 day where ever I end up in this crazy world of ours!!?? > > (that 1s 4 u J-Man!!!!!) keep bringin those Simpson Quotes 2 the site!!

I wish all of u all the very best of luck, happiness and most importantly well 2 me anyway is health and great family and friend times u never know I could b bak sum day I may hav taken early retirement from fish for tragic reasons but there is dogs, hamsters and gerbils on the horizon so I could most definitely return !! o and hav a good christmas every1!!

:'( :'( :'( :'( 4 the last time in a while anyway this is Craig signin out!!

C W :'(
Craig I am sorry to hear all this. But I would like to say that you shouldn't get discouraged because of one fish disease. Do you think I never had problems in the beginning of my hobby? We all do. But once you give up, that's it. It's precisely the point not to give up and to learn from our mistakes.

I know it's saddening that all of your fish died. Ick can be a nasty disease from what I hear. Maybe it was simply too late for your fish to be treated and that's why they all died. I have read that once the disease passes a certain point in its progress, and if you start medicating it after that point, the medication(s) will be pretty much useless. Not only medications, but also the timing matters. But of course sometimes the disease may not be so visible, and that's how it's often too late to treat.

Also wanted to say that just because this tank of yours was not a success, doesn't mean that starting a new one will be a failure too. I think the opposite. With your experience up until now, it's more likely your next tank will be a success. Really. I don't see why you shouldn't try again with all the knowledge you have now.

You could clean the tank, decor, filter, and gravel thoroughly to make sure the disease is eradicated. Then you could set up the tank again. Wait a month for it to cycle. Then when water parameters are fine, start adding fish - very few at a time. Until you have it stocked according to the "1 inch of fish per one gallon rule", or "1 inch of fish per 2 gallons rule" (which could be better). Also don't forget to consider the mature size of your fishies.

And if possible Craig, conider setting up a cheap and small quarantine tank, so that when you buy new fish, you put them in the Q tank first and observe them there for a while to make sure they're not sick. That will help you ensure that you're never putting sick fish with the healthy ones. A lot of diseases are transferred from newly-bought fish actually. Maybe this is how your fish got sick?

OK, and I think that will be it. I hope you'll decide not to quit the hobby after all. It's really worth it, you know. When you just think about it, it's really impossible that every single tank you'll have will be a failure. Now you're just upset, and that's understandable. However, I wouldn't want to be forcing you into something you wouldn't want, of course. So if you really really want to quit, it's absolutely up to you. My post is just a suggestion, as well as an encouragement to you (which I secretly hope you'll consider and continue fish-keeping!)

Well, take care Craig. Was also nice to have you here. I wish you best of luck in anything that you do. Farewell! :'(
Craig, I hope you will reconsider and maybe just take a break away from it for a little while. You will not believe how many fish have died under my care until I got it. My hubby started with too many goldfish in a 20 gal. long, and they were dead within a week. He'd buy more fish, and they'd die. Then I learned about these forums and learned about cycling. I've been hooked ever since. We will miss you Craig. Please think it over a little more before selling your tank.
Dont stop know Craig, I was having a lot of fun talking to you on the forum, writing all the little simpson quotes. Dont give up, you just have to start again. My tank at the beginning of this year was awful, everyting died also from ich except 3 very hardy fishes. I had to be careful the fish I chose and had to analyze every part of them before I bought them. I'm sure you'll rebound.

C'mon don't sell the fish tank! Stay with it, you'll have a great tank in the end. Otherwise we'll really miss you here :'(
Craig,  Recharge your batteries, take a breath of fresh air then sit back and plan your next tank.  From you posts you certainly show a tender side for tropical fish.  Too "forever" be done with them would be cruel to your nature.  Keep your set ups, clean and set them aside for a short while, then dive back in to this hobby.  With the knowledge you have acquired thus far, you are sure to be successful.  Chin up and "Welcome Back to Fishlore!"  ;D
Craig, dude... WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! Dont give up buddy - you just had a bad round which was very unfortunate but now you've learned from the experience and things can only get better! You can start afresh... think of the new fishies you can give a loving home... : Go on... you know you want to
I honestly don't think fish r 4 me! it may seem silly but I could just come on here anyway lol I don't know!! take charge of the other section and rodent section lol sorry mike big boss man!!
does any1 actually want 2 buy my stuff the only thing is posting a tank its a bit extreme!! lol

what all stuff do u have? I may actually want 2. and are u in the UK? that could be a problem bcause I'm in the US.
yes and tanks are a little hard (and expensive) to ship. lol.
nope emma sorry iv decided 2 keep all my stuff stick it up in2 the roof space or loft and keep it 4 when I get older and move in2 my own place and I will get tropical fish again one day I'm sure of it now I want 2 stick around here !!! lol I was on a red fire rampage a few days ago but I slept on it and decided 2 do the right thing

yes it definitely is the right thing
all we need is another person giving up on fishkeeping for good
its so sad how most people don't know a thing about fish and fill the tank then right away dump 50 million fish in a little tank and expect them to live. :'( and then they get mad when the fish all die.
some quotes ive heard:
"you don't need food supplements, gosh you're treating those fish like people!" "aw just dump all the fish in there! does it really matter what kind of fish they are?" "no real plants! fake ones are just as good and less maintenence!"
> :'(
Craig ! You've finally come to your senses! See? Told you that you'll want fishies again some day! Now you're talking Cool, I'm glad you've decided to keep your stuff. Will come in handy one day!
Craig, see what happens whan I'm a little under the weather and not here much? You slip this in on me!!! I really am sorry about your fish and I know it can be discouraging.
We have seen you come so far and learn so much than I hate the thought that your not out there rescuing another little fishie and giving it a good home Please don't leave the site there are plenty of other things to keep you interested. Don't quit looking at fish and one of these days you'll see one you'll just have to have :'( :-* :'( :-* :'(
dont give up I went through 6 gold fish in 2 weeks and velvet wiped out my pleco and black neons
you know what I did then...I kept trying now I have a healthy reef tank and a fish only marine please you shouldnt give up or ill give up.............actually I won't give up but try please

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