A Reminder on the Importance of Hard Water and Preventing the Shimmies

Discussion in 'Livebearers' started by CindiL, Aug 6, 2015.

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    this is just a reminder to keep your water hardness up with your livebearers to prevent the shimmies which can occur from a lack of minerals and poor osmotic functioning.

    I have a tank full of live bearers. Mollies, guppies, and platies. Because I use R/O due to high nitrates in my regular tap water I add in Replenish (calcium and magnesium replacement). At a minimum I aim for 150ppm or 9 dGh. All my fish have been fine in this. I also have some crushed coral in my filters. I noticed last night that one of my mollies was having the shimmies, i.e., staying in one place in the tank shaking back and forth.

    I immediately brought up the GH to over 200 and added in Fresh Trace. She is fine this morning because I caught it early. I think mollies especially need harder water though all live bearers require it. Keep your eye on your Gh with these guys :)
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    Agreed :)
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    Good reminder, thanks!
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    I did my 40% water change yesterday and now will be keeping my GH at 200. The nerites and shrimp will probably appreciate it also :)
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    The Shimmies?

    I tried to google and couldn't find much of a straight answer to what this is?

    I'm also at work and trying to be stealthy though, lol
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    Thats a good article on explaining it.