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We are dialing in on the direction we want the 150 to go. I have a mesh grid 1"x1" Of a very nice moss. I will try to find the name. It fell off the wood were I placed it. The back is going to be black.

The wisteria will be all along the back. It is almost tall enough to cut and start in the middle back.

I have thinned the crypt grove by 80% to open up the left side. They grow like weeds for me

The air stone hanging in the upper right corner will be planted soon. I have to run the lines under the sand. So I will wait until I am ready to cut the wisteria.

I have not installed the two 25w UV sterilizers yet (I have to install a 12 plug electrical strip) This will be done tomorrow during the water change (while I am catching my breath between bucket trips from the basement)

Six months in and I think it is coming along well.

Handheld, no flash. So the image quality is on the low side. I will do a proper shoot in a little bit
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