A Question For Fun: 1 fish 4 life

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kb9plc, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. kb9plc

    kb9plc Well Known Member Member

    If you could only have one PARTICULAR type of fish.... but you were allowed to have as many as you want (which assumes that Santa would bring you a tank as large or as many tanks as you wanted).....
    what type of fish would it be
    how many would you have?

    No generalizing here. No taking the easy way out and saying something like 'labyrinth fish' so you don't have to decide between bettas or gouramis. LOL
    1 answer. 1 fish type 4 life. :)
    And the question was FISH, which implies your answer has fins and a tail (otherwise, we all know my answer would be in the shelled variety hahaha)

  2. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Bah...no adf's huh?
    Where is the froggy love? :;froglove

    It would have to be bettas.
  3. monkeypie102

    monkeypie102 Well Known Member Member

    Well if its true nature was erased and made 100% peaceful... BETTAS!!!!! Imagine what a tank full of multi colored male bettas would look like!!!

  4. C

    Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

    I'd have wall to wall flowerhorns :D
  5. Orion5

    Orion5 Well Known Member Member

  6. OP

    kb9plc Well Known Member Member

    Temporarily put on hold along with my snail love :;laughing

    I'm sure Santa could have his elves get very creative.... and drop off a tank the size of a very large wall that has a zillion cube-shaped seperators in it. Of course, depending on the seperaters, you'd need a hanful of canisters with numerous tube outputs to filter all the sections. But hey. Why not? Elves are amazing. Im sure they can come up with something. LOL
  7. Ethan

    Ethan Well Known Member Member

    this is hard..... but i would have to go with corydoras :D
  8. AmazonPassion

    AmazonPassion Moderator Moderator Member

    Discus or Angels
  9. Ziggi

    Ziggi Well Known Member Member

    Gourami :)
  10. f

    featherblue Well Known Member Member

    An epic wall tank (between the living room and my office??) Full of discus, all the different snakeskin and mottled variation. A rainbow of spotted discus.....at least a hundred, all 5"+. I hope these elves like water changes, I want em all nice and colorsful, perfectly round......spoiled silly for their grow out :)

    QQQUUUUAADDD Well Known Member Member

    100 discus? I can't imagine the tank they'd need!
  12. FoulFishes

    FoulFishes Valued Member Member

    Either Loaches or Angelfish, and I have to have a whole lot to make up for the lacking variety :)
  13. oscardude

    oscardude Valued Member Member

    Oscars. I love their personality!
  14. Orion5

    Orion5 Well Known Member Member

    Discus... or cardinal tetras. I love those little fish! :)
  15. jetajockey

    jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member

    Blue tilapia. Smart undemanding fish, happily eats vegetable scraps and duckweed, and in the event of a zombie apocalypse, they are good eating.
  16. f

    featherblue Well Known Member Member

    100 discus.....1000g or so...bet Santas elves could make it fit in a wall.....or maybe 2 walls with a corner innthe tank......
  17. a

    amberl Valued Member Member

    Definitely a stingray tank sense Santa can make anything happen right
  18. Rejectedbread87

    Rejectedbread87 Valued Member Member

  19. Donnerjay

    Donnerjay Well Known Member Member

    Toss up, but I'm going with corydoras. Lots of them, lots of schools, and I'm guessing since they're all the same species, I could have different varieties. Like, pandas, albinos, juliis, sterbais, some dwarf cories, etc. etc. etc. With a tank with a long footprint so they can all swim happily all over. Or many long tanks, end to end. Sand everywhere, of course.
  20. SevenEro

    SevenEro Valued Member Member

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