A Pregnant Swordtail And Her Many Fry Help 

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Ok, so I wasn’t sure where to post this

This is a long story so I’m just gonna shorten it up..

I bought a fish at PetSmart that was supposed to be a boesemani, it turned out to be a swordtail and she also turned out to be pregnant... I have a ear problem because she has already given birth to 10-11 fry and NONE of them have been eaten by any of the other fish in my community. I spoke to a local independent aquarium shop and they said they would take the fry.. the thing is, how the heck do I get them out without completely stressing out my other fish? Also the mother swordtail is still very pregnant so there’s still more fry to come ..

Also, PetSmart gave me another female swordtail as a companion (I asked for a female)
Guess what? It’s a male . So I’m thinking that even though I think they are both beautiful fish, I need to rehome them too or the fry problem is going to keep happening.

Does anyone in this group live in or near Hope Mills NC that would want to take in a lovely pair of swordtails? You can also have as many or all of their fry too.

If not, any suggestions on how to get the fry out without stressing the others?


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You could build a fish trap, but that seems a bit impractical.
Really since the fry stick to the top a small net shouldn't stress everyone else too bad.
Petsmart accepts returns up to 2 weeks so just take it back if you have time.
Unfortunately many of the employees there don't really have much of a clue when it comes to their fish. Learn how to tell the difference yourself and choose your own fish is your best bet on that.
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