A Power Failure, Are You Serious?!

  1. fish gazer

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    I just brought home the rest of the stock I wanted for my tank, finally so excited and happy with it. I was sitting and staring all evening, admiring the new creatures. As I'm watching, the power goes out! I couldn't believe it. Didn't even see that coming. Just in case, last week I had purchased a battery powered air stone and knew that I had reflective blankets somewhere around the house just in case. Boy was I happy that I got it! Unfortunately, the little circular air stone didn't do much so I replaced it with one of the longer ones. Didn't put the reflective blanket on yet, temp is at 24.6 at the moment, power is still out.

    I have a few questions though.

    How well do reflective blankets work?
    Do I need heat packs with them?
    How fast will my temperature drop?
    Can they live with those bubbles for long?

    *Power went out at 10pm
  2. Lucy

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  3. Dolfan

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    As long as the temp is close to what the ambient temp of your house is, there is no need to worry about the temp.

    The air pump just helps for circulation and aeration of the water a bit.
  4. OP
    fish gazer

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    Phewf! The power just came back on! I almost had a heart attack. So I learned one thing, in an hour and a half, temp went from 24.6 to 24. Also, never considered the ambient room temp which is usually set at 23-24 which works out amazingly for the tank., I was about to start wrapping up the tank with the blanket, lol. Thanks guys! I'll check out the link and get a better understanding how to deal with this next time, close one.