A Planted Tank For Bettas

  1. fishgame6 Member Member

    the tanks all ready set up and has been for a while 2 betta with divder moss balls filterd cycled heated etc i just want to add live plants. problem is the light on my tank hood is no longer sold in canada and have looked everywhere cant get it shipped in where can i get some type of light that will attach to the side of the tank or something. also i have gravel in there will that be good enough for the plants or will i need to get dirt and re do my entire tank.
  2. sfsamm Well Known Member Member

    You can find a glass top and purchase a led light online. As for having gravel it would highly depend on the plants you choose. If they are root feeders you'll want to look into some kind of root tabs if they are something like Anacharis or anubias than they will be fine with gravel.
  3. FreshWaters Member Member

    Anubias,java fern,java moss, you need at least a good inch of gravel though or a bit more would be better and you could go to your local fish store and buy some plant nutrients as well.

    Like Sam said,buy one online,a new light and a glass top if needed
  4. ChiefBrody Member Member

    I got a small goose neck led on ebay from China for like $7. I also just bought an elos planetpro for €1,000. Thanks to led technology you can now get whatever you need for short money. However it's important to remember plants will grow under ANY light so chances are you have something you can use lying around the house. If you want to keep plants that like dirt you can put them in dirted pots and then sink those in the tank. I've seen ppl do this in bare-bottom tanks all the time. Most importantly and often overlooked is the importance of fertilizer. After you go planted you'll notice your nitrates plummeting and that means starving plants so definitely commit to a fert regimen. EI stands for estimated index - this is a good way to gauge how much by dosing everything high and then throwing out the excess in your routine water changes
  5. fishgame6 Member Member

    thing is theres a hood on my tank all ready to im not sure exactly what i can do about that as i said i wanted a led light that can attach to the side of the tank or something
  6. BReefer97 Well Known Member Member

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  7. FishL:)) Well Known Member Member

    Looks really nice! May I ask how many gallons the tank is?
  8. BReefer97 Well Known Member Member

    It's only 3.5! I have a 1-3 gallon filter on it, but it works just the same. I'll be upgrading to a 5 gallon soon :)
  9. fishgame6 Member Member

    so this is what my tank looks like any suggestions on lighting if not then no planted tank for me

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  10. BReefer97 Well Known Member Member

    I posted a link above to lighting.

    Also, how large is the tank all together?
  11. fishgame6 Member Member

    13 3/4 inch length 9 3/4 wide 10 3/4 depth