A place for Canadians to order fish

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    Mods if this is in the wrong spot please move it, I wasn't sure where it should go, thanks.

    Just thought I would post this for anyone in Canada. I know Spencer however I am in no way affiliated with his shop. Just thought I would pass his info along for anyone who may be interested in ordering some fish, and he usually has pretty good shipping rates.

    Just click on fish lists, then on the date link by the Canadian flag near the top of the page and the most recent fish list will open in a PDF file.


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    Thanks Brain!
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    Hi Brian, I moved your thread into the Commercial Websites Review forum.
    I take it this is a favorable review? ;D
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    Spencer Jack is a VERY well known name in the cichlid community. I'd encourage Canadians to get fish from him!

    You also have Oliver Lucanus.....you lucky dogs.
  5. OP

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    No problem.

    Thank you Lucy, and yes it is.

    Yes he is Matt.

    He has given me a fish or two.......remember those Haiti's Matt......you know the female I killed? Guess who's pair I was borrowing?

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    Lol, ouch!