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A New Job, A Bad Fish Tank, And A Gofundme 50 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Welcome to FishLore' started by stufaith, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. stufaithNew MemberMember

    Hi team,

    First time on here since my 65 gal reef tank when I was like 14. LOL. I started a new job a few months ago, and when I arrived, I found an atrociously pitiful fish tank– overstocked, undersized, and, somehow maintained by a haphazard group of employees who don't really care about the hobby. Here's a pic:

    the undersized tank at work. note the giant driftwood-esque lump is actually a pleco.

    There's a giant pleco, a handful of guppies, an albino detritivore, and, of course, the giant angelfish named Cordelia. It looks like a 15 gallon, max, and somehow all these fish are alive. It makes me sad. ANYWAY. I have experience with keeping tanks, so I thought to myself, hey, might as well do some good while I'm adjusting to the new gig-- why don't I try to revamp their fish tank?

    So three weeks ago I started a GoFundMe, and, within 24 hours, my colleagues had donated 700 bucks. I am so excited to set up the new tank-- I've just gotten clearance for a location. I'm thinking a 50 gal planted setup, community fish (might keep the angel, but not sure if the tank is big enough-- need input here, folks), and follow Walstad as best as I can (she hasn't failed me yet). I've only kept smaller freshwater tanks because I've been in dorm rooms before now. This'll be my first foray into ~large~ planted tanks. I'm psyched.

    Some more about me and my home setups: I've been keeping tanks since I was a kid, always loved animals and chemistry, studied environmental science in college. I've got two active setups at home right now, one 12.5 gallon display tank and a 5 gallon quarantine.

    The primary tank is a 12.5 gallon Aquatop, pretty heavily planted, with 5 pristella tetras, one shy honey gourami (male), an oto (I want another, but LFS is out), and three assassin snails. I also have a 5 gal quarantine tank, just some fake plants and regular gravel, with 3 nerites and my slightly disgruntled dwarf gourami (Billie, female). She had a smart and playful partner, Phil (RIP) who unfortunately died after he jumped out of the tank in its earlier months. But that story is for another post.) Anyway, Billie had been alone with the tetras for a good while, but about a month ago she was booted from the display tank after I (unthinkingly, stupidly) purchased the small male honey gourami from the store. She got extremely territorial, really went after that honey g, and nipped off part of his dorsal fin. I got slightly mad at her and thus moved her into the quarantine tank, where she's been a little bored, while the honey acclimates and gains some confidence. I'm bulking up plant cover and will try keeping them together again in about two weeks' time. Here's some pics of those setups.

    Anyway, I'm excited to get moving on this tank for my office. Will keep record of the experiences here. If you've got advice or questions, send them my way! Or maybe you're just interested, in which case, follow along and let's see where this thing takes us!

    2: my display tank

    3: Billie in the quarantine tank

    this is the tank from my job:

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  2. stufaithNew MemberMember

    Here's my display tank at home ( a little outdated, have added more plants since)

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  3. stufaithNew MemberMember

    Here's billie in the quarantine tank

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  4. Brans0628Valued MemberMember

    Oh wow That’s a big pleco and angel fish in that tank! Hope everything worked out for you!!!