A mixed experience in LFS

  1. moonraingirl

    moonraingirl Valued Member Member

    Just want to share my experience in LFS today.
    I've tested my water and there's no NH4, only a little of nitrites and nitrates so I decided to get second group of fish.
    I went to the store and in the tank with neon tetras there are these nice unusual fish I've never seen before. I assumed that because they are in one tank with neons and I couldn't see any aggression , there are good tankmates.
    Oh no, said the lady Don't buy those! They are like piranhas, they eat all other fish all the time! I was like oh-ok, thank you for advice :)
    And I wonder why do they keep them worth neons? Maybe they eat them so that the lady doesn't have to feed them? :p
    So I looked into other tank where the label said two species of tetras. I asked which is which and she didn't know. Anyway, I chose one of them that I thought was black tetra and Google confirmed my guess.
    I asked the lady if the tetras need to be kept in schools? She was like umm I don't know, the neons need to be but these... ?
    Because they are tetras I assumed they are schooling so I got 6 of them. And since I've put them into tank they have kept together so I guess it was a good choice :)
  2. hampalong

    hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    Nearly all tetras need to be in groups, but I wouldn't have added any fish if you have nitrites.