A long heartfelt rant - People can be mean :(

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So I spent the last 45 minutes or so in a heated discussion to say the least about fishkeeping. This was with my sister’s best friend, who has no experience or intentions of keeping or understanding fish. The ‘discussion’ was more belittling of fish and in favour of dogs, the argument being they have no personalities or ‘it’s hard to believe they have distinctive behaviours’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying fish are as affectionate as dogs, but I don’t expect anyone to laugh or smirk in someone’s face when they talk about their pets when you have asked.

I’d also like to add this was a conversation regarding my Betta, and as you all know, Betta’s have insane amounts of personality. The conversation turned quite sour, when I was told I’d not be giving an equal amount of love to my fish which I’d be keeping in groups, or as we know them schoolers. This really hurt to say the least, when we all, no matter the fish, or the tank size, do nothing short of our best for any of our buddies, whether it be snails or Tetras.

I was then told ‘You wouldn’t get a tattoo of your dead fish’, (She has a tattoo of her dead dog) and yes I wouldn’t. Does that mean I love him less than she loved her dog?

All in all, I feel very, very low about what has just happened and I guess there’s just no winning with some people. I figured I’d share with the community what has happened, because if anyone gets what we do, it’s fellow fishkeepers or at the very least, enthusiasts.

This has definitely hit me more since this has happened since keeping my first fish, my Mahachai. Naturally, I’ve felt it has been very rewarding and we’ve gone through a lot with each other these last few months so yes, I will defend him and any other fish I keep. I hope none of y’all ever have to go through an emotional ordeal like this one, especially when you can’t do more than politely explain different fish have different behaviours as she’s your sister’s best friend.

There’s a picture of my lil’ guy in question, and I cannot put into words how bad I have been made to feel after this, ESPECIALLY when I know his behaviour/quirks.


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I would totally get a tattoo of a fish. . . Just saying

I tell friends and family that I'm not getting any tattoos because it would be like putting a bumper sticker on a Maserati. Some laugh, and others just shake their heads and walk away.
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Some people just can't understand, but that's their problem. Is something less of a pet just because they live in water? No, it makes them more interesting to me.

Beautiful things are beautiful in themselves, not because they are admired. Praise adds nothing to beauty and scorn can't detract from it. ~ Marcus Aurelius
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Most people in my life have no idea why I'm so into fish. Yes some ask. Most look and enjoy looking at the tank. But aquariums are on another level to keeping pets. You can get a fog or cat train them where to use the bathroom and feed them and they will survive. Aquariums are a whole ecosystem. It's not just throwing a fish in water and feed them. People don't understand that. Needless to say that's not a person to have in your life.

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