(A little creativity game)

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    CoreysPetFish New Member Member

    I thought of making a little creativity game just for the fun of it. so the goal is: to think of an creative aquarium and possibly make a drawing of it.

    So here it is. I'll call this game "Tankera" since I couldn't finish the title and then the thing all the sudden made me post it

    no impossible tanks, like a 10 million gallon tank the size of the solar system
    think creativily
    and the most important of all, have fun.

    there are no limits, as long as it isnt impossible or way too op to the point everyone hates it

    these are some of the classification factors:
    Name: (optional)
    Size: (E.G. 530 gallons, 10 meters wide, long, and tall)
    Type: (Bowl, Tank, Aquarium, etc.)
    Filters: (No, 1, 2, etc.)
    Ground: (Small gravel, sand, pebbles, etc.)
    Joints: (Those wire things that connect two things together, E.G. an filter and an airpump)
    Airpumps: (1,2, etc.)
    Accessories: (Caves, lights, training sets etc.)
    Decorations: (Artificial plants, rocks, toys, etc.)
    Water Conditioners: (None, 1, 2, etc.)
    Automatic Feeders: (None, 1, etc.)
    Dividers: (None, 1, 2, etc. [I need to say something other then that] )
    Others: (Things that do not fit in any other factor)
    Fish: (Goldfish, Bettas, Sharks, Lamprey, Hagfish, Lungfish, Pirahnas, Pacus, etc.)
    Other Pets in Aquarium: (Things like amphibians and turtles can count as these)

    You can tamper around with it in your own classification list.

    Now, enjoy!
  2. Pringlethesnail

    Pringlethesnail Well Known Member Member

    Do the fish have to be compatible? I would make mine with fish I don't actually have and I don't feel like researching compatibility. Can we pretend they'll all be nice and it'll work out? Haha
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    OliviaBlogger New Member Member

    Sounds very well, especially when t comes to the creativeness. :D