A Goldfish in a tropical tank.


I have a goldfish (shubunkin? Not sure of the spelling) which I have had for around 2 years in a small 40 Ltr tank. Water temp is around 26 deg C. This fish shares his tank with a common old sucking catfish. Both seem to enjoy the environment with no problems.

The goldfish has grown quite a lot and while the tank is still quite ok, I have contemplated moving him to my main tropical tank which has only just been set up and cycled and has a smilar temp to his current home. My reasoning is to give him more space to swim. He would be sharing the tank with 2 blue Gourmi"s

I have been told that fish will only grow to accommidate the size of tank they are in. After reading particularly on this site I'm not conviced of this and I am concerned that the tank might start getting a little cramped for him eventually. Should the goldfish stay where he is or is a change as good as a holiday?

any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks Errol


I have had goldfish for years, if he is happy where is is I would leave him. My goldfish enjoy the company of Danios. No heater but a good filter, they get along great. Gouramis could start nipping him.


Actually goldfish are cooler water fish, need at least 20G for one goldfish and 10G for each additional goldfish.This will allow them to grow and mature as they should. Warmer water tends to speed up the metabolism and they are really huge waste producers hence the need for larger tanks.
Since tropical fish need warmer water they and goldfish are not good mixes. Some of the minnow species such as danios and white clouds are good companions for goldfish(as long as the goldfish isn't big enough to eat them) as they enjoy cooler water also.

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