A Fry's Story, From One Day To The Next

  1. fishy friend2 Member Member

    My beloved female Platy, flame, has just given birth. unfortunately I was a bit late to save the fry and I could only catch one, he is now growing up in my 6 gallon tank. I thought that I might aswell and share a log on how it will be going, and my steps in the process

    DAY 1
    the fry is just about a millimeter in length s/he is obtaining a very faint orange color under the light, s/he is also beginning to accept finely crushed flake foods now, I will try and feed bloodworms and other live foods tomorrow to see if it will eat some
  2. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Aww cute!
    Is Flame red/orange? What colour is the father? Very nice tank the little guy has!
  3. fishy friend2 Member Member

    thanks, I love him/her sooo much!
    I honestly don't know which platy is there father, I only have 3 platies, all of them are an orange color, but when I bought the female she was placed in a tank of blues, reds, greens, yellows, and dotted, so I dont know what color the fry are going to turn out, hopefully another color besides red, lol
  4. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    ooh.. so it will be a surprise! lol S/he already has a yellow/orange tint, but who knows what will develop. :)
  5. fishy friend2 Member Member

    The fry doesn't seem very interested in bloodworms.... Most of my fish swarm for it. Lol. And yeah, I guess I'll just have to wait for the color to develop until I can tell