A Fluorescent Light Hood

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I got a hood off someone and bought an 18" light specifically for plants for it and it doesn't work! I bought new spark plugs and still nope. So I really really really need a working hood but can't seem to find any

Does anyone have one they don't need anymore they could sell me?
Rojer Ramjet
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Spark plugs? Lamps?

I'm a master electrician; maybe I can help you.

Open the fixture housing and expose the ballast inside; it's the rectangle thingy with wires coming out of it and going to the ends of the fixture, where the lamp holders sit (tombstones). Photograph the sticker on the face of the ballast - this will tell me the type, wattage and lamp to use.

When I have that information, I'll send you a parts list for the home depot; I'll walk you through wiring it up and making it work.

Better to re-ballast than throw away.
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Oooo help to fix this would be amazing! I'd much rather repair it but had no idea how lol

Thereisn't a rectangle thing or any stickers? There's a box thing where it should be though. Unless this is what you mean?

I haven't found one defining Mark on this entire thing!


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what size tank is it for
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what size tank is it for
I was planning on using it for my 10 gallon tank
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I have one of these hoods that fits a standard 10 gallon

It's the good type with glass on the hood that protects water from reaching the light component. The light works if you end up not being able to fix yours. Also have 8kg of tan ADA Colorado sand if you would be interested
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How much for it? :3
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would probably sell it for 20 and I think it might have a plant bulb in it. I'm in CT so it wouldn't need to be shipped. If you like the sand I'm asking 20 for that also.

I guess I removed the ultrasun bulb from it so I can sell it for 15. also have a penguin biowheel 150 that I used on a 10 gallon if you needed a filter
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Mmmm yes. Is that filter betta friendly? If so how much? (Setting up a 10 gallon for a divided betta tank for my best friend)
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Never owned a betta and haven't used the filter in awhile to see the flow. Might be too much flow for a betta since its 15x turnover

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