A few updated pics

  1. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    Heros sp. 'red shoulders'


    Hypselecara Temporalis (Chocolate cichlid)


    Male and Female

    And I tradeed out a pair of fish for 3 Thorichthys Meeki (Firemouth cichlid) and 3 Tomocichla Sieboldi. The Sieboldi's are very small about 1/2" so no pics yet, but here is one of the new Meeki.


  2. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    And a mixed shot.



  3. bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    FANTASTIC pics and gorgeous fish! You really know how to pick them and take pics of them! Great photography.

    I'm so glad you post these pics! It really helps for us "cichlid-lovers" to know which cichlids to put on top of our "want" list.
  4. Nate McFin Well Known Member Member

    Nice photos and beautiful fish. Thanks for sharing!

  5. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks BB and Nate!

  6. kacie Member Member

    Awesome new fish. Nice pictures!
  7. Amanda Fishlore VIP Member

    Amazing pics & fish!

  8. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks Kacie and Amanda.

  9. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello Brian. Beautiful fish and great shots! It's always nice to see your photos!
  10. Tony G. Fishlore VIP Member

    beautiful! Love the firemouths!!! and your Red Shoulders are looking really nice!

  11. DRock914 Member Member

    Beautiful pictures, how do you get the pics to come out so clear?
  12. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks guys.

    DRock for those 10 pictures I took just over 100.

  13. DRock914 Member Member

    Oh ok, so then there is no easy way...
  14. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    Not really....lots of pics for a few good one.

    I will tell you what I normally set my camera at, but keep in mind this changes often, but this is what I usually start with then tweek it as I go.


    Shutter Speed- I usually start at 1/640. But depending on the tank this may change to 1/40 or 1/1600.

    F-Stop- usually I start at 7.1, but I take some at 2.0 up to 8.0, this is probably the function you will play around with the most.

    Flash I put to -2. If you can't change your flash tape a small piece of tissue over your flash to disfuse it a bit.

    Sometimes I use the macro button sometimes not.

    Take the pic in the biggest format you can this will also help, mine is set on M1 2592x1944 usually. Sometimes 3072x2304 but I like the first one better.

    Hopefully this will help out some!

  15. DRock914 Member Member

    Do you have an SLR camera? I took photography in high school so I understand what you are saying but I don't think my camera has that many options to tweak. The method I use is to hold the button down half way and follow the fish then snap it. It seems to work good but its not a guarantee and I take the largest picture I can also.
  16. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    I have a Canon Power Shot G6, nothing too fancy.

    The only thing I would reccommend is don't follow the fish, focus on one spot and wait for them to come. Those hundred pics I took was about 45 minutes sitting in one place, just changing the focus where the camera was pointing every now and then.

  17. DRock914 Member Member

    Thanks for the advice, I'll try it out next time I'm taking pictures.