A few brine shrimp questions. Question

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    I just set up my new san fransisco brine shrimp hatchery kit ( which i should have just made myself) and if all goes well I hope to have lots of lil shrimps to feed my lil mollies :D. But I have a few questions:

    1) The box says to keep the water temp at 80-82 degrees. How do I do that in a cut open 2 liter bottle.:-\

    2) If I do manage to hatch some, what is the easiest way to harvest my goods ;D

    Thanks, Mike.

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    The way I keep the temp in that range is by using a reptile lamp and adjusting it by moving it father or closer to the hatchery. The way I collect the brine shrimp is by using a turkey baster. Remember that if you are using the lamp to warm the water it needs to be on 24/7. Hope it help you.

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    No prob that's why we are here. :;hi2