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    I started adding the plants to my tank last week and I have a few questions. First off I got of few bunches of anacharis, money wort and the like and from the lfs they had a small metal band on the bottom holding them together. I went ahead and planted them this way to help hold the down during the process, is that ok or do I need to remove that. Also I have to different swords. One I am pretty sure is an amazon and the other was in the misc. sword collection. I planted these fully into the gravel. Do swords have a rhizome that needs to be exposed or not. I looked on Plantgeek but couldn't find any specifics on plants the swords.
    I'm sure Ill have more questions as this goes along. This is my first big tank and my first planted tank. (it is low tech no CO2)

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  2. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Welcome to FishLore!
    Yes the metal bands need to come off and the stems planted separaately.
    When planting swords I plant the completely then give a little tug so the very top of the roots(rhizome) show. swords are also heavy root feeders so a plant tab under each will help them grow better.
    Love the tank.
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    Not trying to hijack the thread but do they need aeration? I heard about Co2 but I am not sure I understand. I am going to put a bubble stone or a rock in the 55gal but not sure if that is enough or if the plants even require aeration. Plants are in my Aquarium info if that matters.
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    Butterfly-Thanks for the info. I was going to do a water change today so that will be a good time to adjust the plants.

    I am new to this but from the research I have done here is my understanding on aeration. (keep in mind I'm new to this). I am going low light plants ( I have 192 watts cfl for a 120g tank). Since my lights are not super bright I should be able to get away without CO2. Since I am not using CO2 I do have an air stone going. This by itself will introduce a little CO2 into the tank. If you have CO2 injection you don't want to use an air stone. (that is my understanding anyway.) The CO2 will help the plants outgrow the algae so you don't have an algae outbreak in the high light setups. With low light the algae won't grow as fast so you can grow the plants slower.
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    Aereation is strictly a hobbyist preference. It will help the CO2 in the air and in the water equalize(there's definitely more in the air) by introducing CO2 from the air into the aquarium. Some people like the look some don't but it's not a have to do type of thing.
    As was stated above if yor're injecting Co2 you don't want aereation as it will off gas the CO2 into the air and make it useless to your tank.
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    Ok I think I understand. I have a 40 watt 48" Sun Glo flourescent bulb. I have all low light plants also atleast until I get the hang of this. I will go ahead and put a bubble stone in it or a bubble curtain. I have some areation in my 10gal and the fish love to play in the bubbles anyway.
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    Sounds good :)