A Couple Plant Questions


I have at the moment a 60 Gallon Tank that currently has some Silica Sand and Driftwood in Place and now is ready for some Plants. Just had a couple questions, as I have only ever put plants into an established tank with fish in it. I want a heavy planted tank and the introduce some fish later on.

1) Still don't know the exact plants I will be putting in but I will be using Seachem Flourish Tabs, do you use 1 tab per plant? Would 1 tab a month work fine? I've been told Seachem Flourish/Potassium and Excel Bottles are also a great addition, would love to hear your advice/experience on these products and how you use them, even some pictures showing the results.

2) I understand plants use the food the fish don't eat, I have some KoI pellets, do I drop a few in every day or how many would you guys advise? Or is it not needed if I will be using the Seachem products?

Thanks in advance.


From what I have been taught it is 1 tab per 6 inch area. But I not dose Iron, Flourish, and Excel. Just have to be careful with excel because some plant melt when using it. I would research what plants are safe for Excel use if I was you.

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