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    I have a bunch of Ramshorn snails that can be included but doesn't necessarily have to be. The RAOK is for four stalks of Purple Cabomba. They require high lighting and ferts. There will be two winners, with each receiving two stalks. Clippings of other high light plants will be included too, but those will be a surprise.

    What you'll do: Post a photo of your best Christmas decorations, doesn't matter if it's from the past or the present time. Deadline is December 7th at midnight. Winner pays shipping.

    And go!

    EDIT: I have decided to also add juvenile/baby Assassin Snails to this RAOK. If you want only one thing, such as Assassin Snails or just Ramshorns or the Cabomba or all three combined, that's fine.
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  3. OP

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    Thank you, Ken.

    I've updated the original post to include juvenile Assassin Snails as part of the RAOK.
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    Here is our tree last yr with my nephew's Toy story toys and this our tree this year
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    Id love the plants, snails and especially the assassins!! :) Heres mine..TY for the RAOK!!! I hope the "decorations" on the animals counts... :)

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    Since there were only three entries, you all win! Please PM me what you want.

    Sorry for the late announcement!