A Carpet Of Baby Dwarf Tears

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by Anicks[Onyx], Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Anicks[Onyx]New MemberMember

    Any of you ever succeed in growing an entire tank's carpet of a frontground plant of any kind? I'm wanting to do this with java moss or baby dwarf tears.
  2. liberosis4170Valued MemberMember

    I have not been successful. tried dwarf hairgrass a few times and baby tears once...dwarf hairgrass lived for a couple months and then died (never really spreading). I bought baby tears on a rock hoping it would spread if i berried part of it but it died shortly after i bought it. both were under high lighting by beamswork with liquid fertalizer dosing in an established dirt tank. Java moss would probably be your best bet as its much easier I believe than baby dwarf tears and has less demanding requirements such as CO2.
  3. Anicks[Onyx]New MemberMember

    I do know that some plants can't tolerate high lighting. Have you tried changing light?
  4. PokeTileCraft101Valued MemberMember

    What im doing (not completed yet) is growing the monte carlo immersed so far its growing and when it covers the container bottom im going to but in the area i want. But again its not done so i dont know if it ill work.
  5. liberosis4170Valued MemberMember

    yeah i had some in a five gallon with low-medium light and then another tank spread out in different places with the high lighting on the back of the tank...so some areas weren't under direct light. my guess it didn't do well because i was not dosing with CO2.

    i have been looking at monte carlo and the idea has been floating. does it grow up for you or spread out? i sure do hope you are successful :D i've seen it grow both ways. another one i was looking at was four leaf clover (fully submerged). anybody try that plant?

    what the carpet would look like with four leaf clovers:

    lol now that i think about it i may have some outside. it grows when the rains flood my backyard xD have to experiment now. *edit* baby tears are worth a shot because if it is successful it looks marvelous just be prepared to dish out some coin and come out with only the experience.
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  6. Jocelyn AdelmanFishlore VIPMember

    @liberosis4170 beamswork lights are low light at best :) dhg and baby tears both would require higher lighting and co2.
    Monte Carlo would need higher lighting then the beamswork, can carpet without co2, but it would be slow.

    @Anicks[Onyx] Java moss would be far easier then baby tears, but won't give the same effect (different look). For sure possible though with good trimming.
    Baby tears needs co2 injected (not liquid)
    Monte Carlo would work but would be slower then with co2.... other option would be marsilea or even pearlweed.

    I had dhg in two tanks, one with co2 and one with excel, both in Med+ lighting... with excel it was a struggle, grew very very slow, constant battle with algae. With pressurized co2 grew pretty quickly. (I had parvula)

    Currently carpeting another low/medium lighting excel tank with marsilea, growth is slow but no algae struggles, grows well.

    Pearlweed haven't tried personally.
    Another option but bushier looking could also be hydrocotyle triparta, also grows well for me in a low light tank.

    Most carpets need good lighting, good balanced ferts (not flourish), and pressurized co2 to look their best.

    A lot of people on here also use dwarf sag.
  7. LandosWell Known MemberMember

  8. KeeperOfASilentWorldWell Known MemberMember

    What sort of light and setup are you planing on? A recommendation for a carpet would be limited to your setup. At least mid lighting and CO2 injection are both mandatory for a successful attempt.

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