A bug? A Worm? A parasite?

  1. C

    Canadian eh! Initiate Member

    I was watching my fish and something caught my eye on the glass, it was a millimeter in length, white or almost clear in colour and moved as if were gliding across the glass; once it reached the bottom/stones, it moved as if it were a worm, you know, it "slinked" around the stone. It also appeared pointy on both ends; no sign of eyes or feet - keep in mind it was very very small, and I've only seen one of these beasts - twice - it could be the same beast.

    Keep in mind it's very small, so catching it really would appear very difficult, I think I'd crush it.

    When I mean small, it's like " - " that small.

    I've never seen anything like it before, that is until I put real plants into the tank; it's not a snail, been there done that.

    Any ideas? ???

  2. Butterfly

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    Its probably planaria. These grow in tanks and we never see them. Your fish keep the population down by eating them but sometimes a gravel vacuum is delayed or we don't do water changes as often as we should, there is excess food and they multiply faster than the fish can eat them.
    So that said ;) if you are concerned or you see more you might want to do a good gravel vacuum and a water change.
  3. 0morrokh

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    Most stuff like that gets eaten by your fish, so I wouldn't worry too much. That's about all I know.