A Boy's Stories: Stories From When I Was In My Teenage Years


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Melbourne, Australia
5 years
When I was 15, I worked at a Local Fish Store 9-5 on weekends. I was paid 20$ an hour, and I knew my way around adequate fish care and fishkeeping related stuff. It was on my Sunday shift when a young woman came in, and (I worked at the counter at that time) saw me. ''Hello! Do you sell Jack Dempseys and Plecos?"
" Yes ma'm, we do. What size tank and what are its inhabitants?"
"I have a 30L (7.5g) long tank, with 7 fish."
"what fish, may I ask?"
"those ones with the beautiful tails who breed like rabbits."
"I'm sorry, a Pleco or a Jack Dempsey, aren't suitable for a 30L tank. You're better off buying some shrimp, or Otos."

At this point, she starts getting a little red. "Are you saying that I can't choose what fish I put in my tank? Your Plecos and JDs are small, they can fit!"
"I'm sorry, but Plecos grow to nearly a metre long, and Jack Dempseys are extremely aggressive."
She pulls out the let me speak to your manager card.
My uncle, the manager, comes in and she explains the situation to him. He says, "Sorry, we do not sell to fishkeepers who look down on my employees. Please make your way out of my store."
The woman, now rather purple, says something about us not treating our customers with care and storms out.

My uncle winks at me and walks back to tending to his precious discus.


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4 years
If I were you, I would say :
Even in your dreams, You can not fit a Pleco and a Jack Dempsey in 30 liter Aquarium.

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