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Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by Paul, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Paul

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    Hi ...I have just bought a load of aquarium plants of the internet . they all came well packed and on the whole i was very impressed, however, i have read on tinternet somewhere that you should remove all the lead and foam that usually protects the roots,as this is only used to transport the plants, i normally just give the plants a rinse and stick them in the tank ....foam lead and all .....have i been doin it wrong all this time .?
  2. Jon

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    yes you have.... remove all the on the roots and plant them into the substrate if thats the type of plant... or string it to driftwood/rocks depending on the plants you bought... tell us what you bought so we can help
  3. OP

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    Nice ........Well to be honest i've never really paid that much attention to my plants ...in the majority of shops over here they are just sold for £1.50 a bunch or 5 for £6 and all lumped in a tank together without names and you just buy the ones that look the best, unless you buy potted plants which oddly enough never seem to do as well in my tank, the last lot i bought was an assorted lot of 50 plants, a mixture of varigated and ...........not varigated...that's about the limit of my knowledge im afraid, However they all seem to grow well with only a little "gardening" required...But ......you may have just inspired me ...i think trow as its sunday i will take a trawl on the net and try to find out what is what .....while your here...are there any plants available that produce flowers or are particularly colourfull ?.......
  4. Gunnie

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    Go to and try to identify your plants.  I would also look at the non-aquatic plants there to see if any of your plants are non-aquatic.  We have all probably bought plants assuming they are aquatic and they are not.  You can also purchase a book called Aquarium Plants by Christel Kasselmann which is the  book to have if you are into aquatic plants.  Both of these resources should also tell you which plants will flower.   ;)
  5. atmmachine816

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    potted plants only do well if you take them out of the pot or they willl eventrually die as the roots cnat grow well whatsafish7 and i did this with his potted plants and they are all doing great all you have to do is cut the black rods so the top and bottom are separated the pull that off then separate all the from the roots and then plant works great