A big "thank you" to Mike for responding.

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    Thank you for responding to my questions about the cories with "red spot". Unfortunately, I did not record the readings from the test run by the pet store. I will have it tested again and be sure to record the info. But, until then, they said everything was near perfect except that the water was very hard. I could not understand this because I was using bottled sodium free drinking water "as directed by a different pet store". They told me I didn't need to use the water conditioner since I would not be using tap water. I had better results using tap water and the conditioner to remove chlorine and provide slime until I started using the suggested procedures from pet stores! :) I have returned to my tried and true method of using tap water with instant chlorine remover and conditioner. No, I do not have a quarantine tank. My husband already thinks I have gone overboard with my only tank. Is is possible to use a 5 gal. for that purpose and only set it up when needed? Unfortunately, my sick cory met his demise that day. I was afraid to wait for someone to respond. I have never used this form of communication and really didn't know if anyone would actually answer me. The only thing that you didn't address (probably because I was missing some important info) was the amount of gravel I have in the tank. I may have my 36 gal. too crowded. I have 5 rummy nose tetras, two black neons, 4 neon tetras, 2 adult platys (about 11 babies survived that are in there too), 2 corries, 1 clown loach, 1 plec, 2 cherry barbs (I just lost 2), and I had 2 lamp eye tetras.

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    Your welcome jojookc. It should be ok to remove some of the gravel from your tank. Just beware that it may cause your tank to re-cycle because alot of the beneficial bacteria for the nitrogen cycle is attached to your gravel. Try to leave at least about an inch or so of gravel. You can definitely just use the 5 gallon as a quarantine tank as needed.

    Keep up with the water changes on the overcrowded tank to prevent future problems due to the overcrowded situation.

    Check out the following links for more info: