A Betta Idea For Yule Trees

  1. u

    uprightandlocked Well Known Member Member

    I. Am. Outraged.

    I am writing my argumentative research paper on the misconception that betta fish can live happy, healthy lives in small bowls. Tonight I am looking for resources to cite in my paper. I came across an article (the title is above) in which the author promotes the business of a local woman. What product is she promoting? Betta Christmas Tree ornaments. I kid you not. The woman featured in this article makes little glass ornaments to hang on your tree with bettas in them. This has to be the worst thing I have ever heard of! What do they think people do with 10 or 12 bettas after Christmas? They surely don't put them all in small bowls like the article advises so they may live out their happy 18 month lives. The article is older and I pray to God this woman is not still making these ornaments.
  2. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    That nothing short of cruelty. :'(
  3. iloveengl

    iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    That's disgusting! :mad:
  4. Meenu

    Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    that's crazy and irresponsible! I am also outraged with you!
  5. Butterfly

    Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    ...And in the ideal world they are taken off the tree and water changes done everyday? Yuck! Poor babies. I would love to read your paper after it is written.
  6. CHoffman

    CHoffman Fishlore VIP Member

    It's very sad that betta's are STILL used as decoration. I really would have thought that society in general could see that betta's are living breathing creatures, so many people are becoming more aware when it comes to animal treatment thanks to shows on Animal Planet and celebrities and many more factors. I wonder why fish are being left out on this movement??

    But it's GREAT that you are using this as an opportunity to educate people on the treatment of betta's. That's what it takes, educating as many people as possible.
  7. OP

    uprightandlocked Well Known Member Member

    Thanks, everyone. The paper will be done in February (It is my final project and the course ends in February) so when it is done I will certainly let anyone interested read it. It will mostly be what we here already know - but maybe I'll try and find an e-mail address for this lady's business and e-mail it to her, too!
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    fishtroy Well Known Member Member

    This is appalling but it does not surprise me one bit. I have made a habit of standing in pet stores and loudly spouting off at the mouth about the cruelty of the containers. I have even seen bettas advertised as ornamental! Here they even make rocks that 'supposedly' means you never have to clean your betta! I hope the lady gets some very bad karma for her suggestion. I'm sure she wouldn't like to be hung on a christmas tree!