90g tank options

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    k9z3boys Valued Member Member

    I am beginning to understand what is meant by 'centerpiece' fish.
    we will be getting a 90g tank the end of sept and were mostly just going to still with freshwater community like we have in the 60.
    I thought about trying to 'rescue' a sailfin pleco from no hiding, no wood, overfed, 29g tank but it shows sailfins need 120g! so he wouldn't even fit in the 90 ( plus, if he is that stunted, is he even healthy... would moving him to a bigger tank, even not big enough be better or worse?)

    we seem to really like catfish as we have corys, otos and 2 kinds of plecos ( smaller ones )
    im not sure I want a river monster 24inch common pleco....I don't like the idea of a huge tank for 1 or 2 fish...
    SOO after all that preamble ramble...
    any recommendations on a decent sized centerpiece for a 90g freshwater?

    ps...2 of my boys voted for dragonfish and green puffers,,..they have hi hopes... ok they are delustional...no brackish!
  2. Aquarist

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    Good morning,

    I have a Sail Fin Pleco, 12" long in my 265g tank, 14 years old. I think you've made a wise decision not to add one to the 90g tank. You could always try some Bristle Nose Plecos as they grow to 4 to 6" max. I have a female and she is adorable and 4 years old now.

    If you know the fish is stunted, I would not recommend making the purchase. Stunting can shorten the life span of the fish.

    In the video above, you can see my small Bristle Nose Pleco swim to the zucchini slice. The Sail Fin is hard to see but is attached to a piece of driftwood in the center of the tank.

    I really like my 7 Emerald Cory Cats. So fun to watch.

  3. OP

    k9z3boys Valued Member Member

    we have two bristles in the 60... Kubota and chomper. they are just babies. albinos.
    I don't know for sure that the sailfin is stunted...im just guessing at 2-3 yrs in a 29 tall....

    we have several cory cats, love the cory cats they are such goofballs.