90 gallon tank and starting out?

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    Hi, I just purchased a beautiful 90 gallon tank with a classy stand, the tank included solar xtrerem HO lights for a marine/ reef tank.

    I have a few questions to start while I await my Manzanita drift wood I ordered.

    First, I purchased a Eheim Pro 3 2075. Is this enough filtration? Planning to lightly stock the the tank, not sure how many inches of fish per gallon would be acceptable.

    Second, the lights have a programmable timer, for white, blue, and led blue ( mood light / moon light haha ). What would you all recommend time frame wise? How many white hours, blue, and moon light, I love the lights, but I don't want an algae bloom. ( also I do plan on growing some plants, see next question )

    Next, since the sand, driftwood, filter and water are all new, how would I go about starting to cycle the tank? I am planing on buying java ferns, 8-12, ( attaching to drift wood ) and some frogbit early on before buying any fish. Always wanted plants, these couple seemed the easiest.

    Is there a time frame for adding plants, or can I do that immediately? Will this accelerate the cycle?

    How would you go about getting this underway?

    Thanks for your input!
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    I've always cycled by filling with water and either waiting a month or so or using Serpae tetras. I would wait on plants until it's cycled and you have an algae crew, unless your going to plant heavily (it's way easier without water in the tank) but that's just my opinion. I've always had a bit of an algae issue on new tanks. I don't recommend using products to cycle because I've seen a million posts with problems related to this. However a lot of people here do use cycling products with success. Patience is the key.
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    sounds like it was a saltwater tank so clean if very well. i just use hot water and scrape it very very good. some use a lil bleach water mix.

    you will have to replace the bulbs. plants do best with 6500k bulbs. how many t5-ho bulbs are there total? if you dont use co2 and fertilizers you will only want to run 2 bulbs.

    i would run the two t5-ho bulbs for 6-8 hours then switch to the moonlights for 2 hours before and after the t5s come on, give or take.

    the best way to cycle is with pure ammonia, it can be hard to find. i found mine at ace hardware if you have one of them close. its there brand name, janitorial strength ammonia. you have to make sure its pure ammonia. this is the safest way to do it but it can take a month or longer before you can add fish.

    the other way is with tetra safe start/TSS. this way you add the TSS and the fish right away. then you check your water a week or two later to see if it worked/have a cycled tank. if it does not work you will have to do daily water changes of 50% using prime as your water conditioner. ill give you some more instruction if needed. here are some links..
    here is one for plants...

    when to add plants will depend on how you cycle your tank... there are other plants you can keep. water spite, amazon swords(need root tabs), wisteria, pennywort.
    remember some fish eat plants...

    make sure you have a liquid testing kit for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and ph.
    get some of the prime water conditioner i mentioned earlier.
    you might want to invest in a water changer that hooks up to your sink so you dont have to use buckets.

    hope this helps and welcome to fishlore.
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