90 gallon reef in progress.


Beautiful fish and I hope your Blenny is fully recovered soon.


he is fully recovered and happy right now he is perched on a rock munching on some macro algae


and a much better picture of Debbie. She is swiming all over the tank now. Shes still a little skittish but time will fix that.

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Beautiful fish and I'm glad to see your little blenny doing better. ;D


Thanks Guys! They definitely are all looking super happy Ill be adding corals now so ill keep you posted and especially after I get my new 8x54 T-5 HO light over top


Good news yall. I have added another critter. A pretty sailfin tang. It is about half the size of my Kole tang and she is not liking the new comer. But I think she is setteling down a little bit. Here are some pictures of the new little guy. I'm looking for names The pictures are taken 30 mins after introducing the little guy to the tank.



He's beautiful


Good news. My new Sailfin tang is not getting beat up by my kole tang anymore. My Kole tang is about twice the size of the sailfin and after lastnight they actually seem to be getting long really well.


This is amazing. Thanks for chronicling it for us!


the wonders of marine....

nemo addict

wots the dimensions of your tank ??? looks nice



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