90 Gallon Build

  1. WolfaraRose Member Member

    Okay! So I think I may need help in making sure that I have everything I need for this tank. Before anyone tells me that it will become overstocked quickly due to the livebearers, I do have a back up plan for the fry and a completely different tank for the fry. Same goes with any breeding pairs.

    So here we go!

    1x Bamboo Shrimp
    1x Viper Shrimp

    1x Albino Longfin bristlenose pleco (female)
    1x Longfin Bristlenose Pleco (male)
    2x German Blue Rams 1m 1f
    4x Swordtails 1m 3f (maybe double this?)
    9x Fancy Male guppies
    9x Columbian tetras (no more plz)

    6x Zebra and Spined Nerites
    6x Glass Catfish (maybe more?)

    Would like to add something cool, that won't eat full grown guppies but catches attention, is compatible with fish etc. Suggestions are welcome and recommended!


    Stand- Aquatic Fundamentals 75/90 G Upright Stand

    Canopy- R&J Enterprises 48x18 Black Oak Empire Series or Homebuilt one if someone can give me a link to a DIY

    Filter- 2 SunSun HW-302 3 Stage Canister Filters - each rated at 264GPH

    Filter Media- 2 SunSun Canister Filter Media Set AND 2 SunSun 3 pack Coarse Fine Filter Pads for HW-302

    Heater- 2 Marineland Visi-Therm 250W - 14.5" rated for 75 Gallon

    Air pump- Tetra Whisper 100 Gallon

    Air Stones + Accesories- Via Aqua LED Light and Airstone 18" -3.3W AND 12" Anchor Stone Airstone AND 25' Lees Airline Tubing AND Hikari Check Valves 2 pack

    Substrate- 60 lbs of CaribSea Eco-Complete AND capped with 80 lbs of Petco Frosted Black Gravel

    Hood- Aqueon 48" x 18" Versa-top AND 48" Fluorescent Strip Light-Single Bulb AND 1 Zoo Med Ultra Sun Trichromatic Bulb - 48" - 32W

    Thermometers- In tank thermometer and a stick on thermometer

    Ferts-Seachem Flourish and Seachem Excel and API CO2 Booster

    Cleaning Equipment-Lee's Ultra Gravel Vac Self-start Extra Large AND Mag Float Glass Cleaner-Medium

    Surge Protector - Innovera Surge Protector 10 Outlets, 6ft Power Cord 2880Joules

    For the equipment section, do I need a powerhead? Any other fancy stuff? I'm leaving out fish food, nets, as that is part of something else. Does everything seem to be in good order for this section?



    • 6 Frogbit
    • Some Duckweed
    • 6 Salvinia


    • Argentine Sword


    • TBD


    • TBD

    Need suggestions that fit with fish and lighting and ferts.

    At least 1 big alligator skull

    Suggestions welcome!

  2. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    It's always best to have a plan, and you sure do have one. My one suggestion immediately is to read a LOT on the viper shrimp. I had one myself, for all of two weeks. I've never lost anything in my tank as fast as I lost that poor guy. It needs a current to feed from, and nothing I tried ever worked. There is also debate over how safe it is to use Excel with inverts. @Dolfan or jetajockey can answer that better than I can.

  3. WolfaraRose Member Member

    Ah good to know! I think the Flourish would suffice, and bamboo shrimp need a current to feed from as well, and occasionally I have to spot feed him, so I think it would be like the bamboo shrimp but a bigger amount of food.

    Any suggestions on Stock or plants?
  4. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    I'd reconsider the viper shrimp too. But if you do get one, wait until the tank has been set up for awhile. At least a couple months. I kept one, and they are very interesting. They are fairly easy to keep in the right conditions. They really do best in a high flow tank. It is easier for them to eat. You might consider adding a power head to the tank.

    Vals, crypts, wisteria, anubias will all work for your tank.

  5. WolfaraRose Member Member

    Oh yeah, the viper shrimp will probably be one of the last things I stock. Was thinking about buying phytoplankton? Or Marine snow, to help with feeding the 2 filter feeders once all is said and done.

    I will look into Vals, Crypts and Anubias. I'm not a huge fan of Wisteria sadly. Thinking about a carpeting plant as well, but I'm not sure.

    Okay I think I found a suitable stock.

    Here it is
    1x Bamboo Shrimp
    1x Viper Shrimp

    1x Albino Longfin bristlenose pleco (female)
    1x Longfin bristlenose pleco (male)
    2x German Blue Rams 1m 1f
    4x Swordtails 1m 3f
    1x Sailfin Molly (male) This was added
    9x Fancy Male guppies
    9x Columbian tetras

    6x Zebra and Spined Nerites
    9x Glass Catfish 3 were added
    1x Peacock Eel This was added

    If there are no objections I think I will go with this stock. Will make sure there are plenty of hiding spaces as well as capturing of fry.
  6. WolfaraRose Member Member

  7. natpodu77 Initiate Member

    I currently have a male and female bristlenoe and just wanted to forewarn you. It is very easy for them to breed so if you are not ready for a clutch of eggs every time you do a 30-45% water change to your tank then yo may want to rethink the pair of bristlenose. More often than not I find the male hiding in his cave-fanning his clutch of eggs...sadly I tried raising a tank of 75 of them, had them for 6 months but had no interest from anyone in purchasing them so I wound up giving them to my LFS for nothing.

  8. Anthony10 Member Member

    Are you sure about the eel? Won't it eat the shrimp, guppies, and tetras?

  9. WolfaraRose Member Member

    Pretty sure about the Eel, and I have no problem with BN eggs, seeing as how I can just give them to my LFS, because at this point in my life, it's not about the profit.

    Also I think the tetras will be too big for a peacock to eat em, and if he manages to snag an unlucky tetra, that's just the circle of life. Those Red Blues can be bullies. So far as the guppies go, they are actually not going to be in this tank like I thought.

    The guppies will be going to my boyfriend for his 55 gallon tank of livebearers (all male) so I actually think it will be fine. Also the bamboo shrimp is quite big, and the viper shrimp is humongous!

    Updated stock
    1x Bamboo Shrimp
    1x Viper Shrimp

    1x Albino Longfin bristlenose pleco (female)
    1x Longfin bristlenose pleco (male)
    2x German Blue Rams 1m 1f
    4x Swordtails 1m 3f
    2x Sailfin Molly 1m 1f This was added
    9x Red Blue Colombian Tetras
    6x Zebra And Spined Nerites
    9x Glass Catfish 3 were added
    2x Peacock Eels This was added
    1x Senegal Bichir This will not be added

    I looked up if it's ok for a tank to have 2 peacock eels and as long as they are similar in size they will co habitate. Hence the 2.
    I think I found everything compatible for this tank, would like some notice if anything seems wrong. Mollys and Swords can not interbreed I do believe. I feel confident in this stock, but like I said IF ANYTHING DOESN'T SEEM RIGHT THAT I HAVEN'T ADDRESSED PLEASE LET ME KNOW

    Also @Dolfan can seachem flourish excel be used with this stock? @Adam55 said you might know.
  10. Anthony10 Member Member

    The bichir is kinda out of place I feel, cause they are carnivores... But that's just me


  11. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    The eels and the bichir will eat most of your stock when they are fully mature. I would leave them both out, or go in another direction with the rest of your stock. The mollies, rams, swordtails, and glass cats could all be gone without you knowing it happened. If you've never seen them as mature adults, you really can't appreciate what will fit into their mouths.
  12. WolfaraRose Member Member


    This is a thread I found so far as the true peacock eels. I also understand that any fish can be overly aggressive, but from what I've read and researched, peacock eels are timid and shy. The only reason they go after tank mates is because they aren't being fed well enough, or so I have gathered from the research I have done. Swordtails and Mollies reach 5-6 inches, and most of the tank would be grown out to adult size before I got a peacock anyway. Same with the glass cats, and the GBRs probably would end up bullying the eel if he got anywhere near them. Also read that yea they can get to 12" but most stay around 6" in captivity.
    Sorry to contest your point @Marie1 just pointing out what I have researched.

    The bichir may have to go, since I didn't realize that species was especially carnivorous and a piscivore to boot.

    Trying to think of another fish in this general size that would go well with this tank.

    Any suggestions?
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  14. Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    I think I agree with what others have said about the eel and bichir... I would just be too worried about the rest of your stock, including invertebrates. As a side note, I personally have a strong, passionate hatred for yahoo forums when it comes to fish keeping. :)
  15. WolfaraRose Member Member

    There was also a thread from fishlore as well Phishphin But the bichir is def. out, still not quite convinced of the peacock eels but they will be under observation for at least 2 weeks to watch for aggression and what not. Pretty sure my LFS would love to have them if they don't work out.
  16. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    I totally understand where you're coming from. And it is your tank with your fish. Just trying to help you get the stock so it will be successful for you for years to come. If the eels are small when you get them, you could certainly keep them for awhile. I would just hate for you to turn the lights on one morning and have nothing but two fish in your tank. Good luck with it. I would love to see pics when it's finished. :)
  17. Dolfan Fishlore VIP Member

    I don't have experience with keeping bamboo or viper shrimp. My gut tells me they would be fine with a half dosage. Never use the higher initial dosage that is posted in the instructions. I know I use the regular dosage with cherry shrimp, ghost shrimp, and MTS with no problems what so ever. I would try googling "bamboo shrimp excel" and see what comes up. Do the same with viper shrimp. I'm pretty sure the nerites and all fish listed will be fine with it.
  18. WolfaraRose Member Member

    Marie1 They will definitely be small when I get them. I see where you are coming from if I was to put 2 full growns in the tank, they would try to get at the fish. But they will be little ones, and I read somewhere they HAVE to be the last fish you put into your tank. Any new ones may be taken as food.

    Also Dolfan thanks! I think I just may cut out the Excel since I just use the regular Flourish, and not get it. Seems to be a better safe then sorry situation in this case.

    Okay so the new stock and hopefully final is

    Updated stock
    1x Bamboo Shrimp
    1x Viper Shrimp

    1x Albino Longfin bristlenose pleco (female)
    1x Longfin bristlenose pleco (male)
    2x German Blue Rams 1m 1f
    4x Swordtails 1m 3f
    2x Sailfin Molly 1m 1f
    2x Mollies 2f These were added.
    9x Red Blue Colombian tetras
    6x Zebra And Spined Nerites
    2x Peacock Eels
    9x Glass Catfish

    Just added 2 more mollies, and if there are no objections to this stock list, save for peacock eels, let me know. I do like this stock a lot better then with the bichir. 3 carnivorous fish may have been a bit much.

    Research has been done on the above species, and the peacocks will be added last, and before them, the GBR's , and before that the Bamboo Shrimp. Gives the rest of them time to claim territories and be okay with the tank.

    Seachem Excel was taken off the list.

    Also, how many hiding spots do I need? What would you recommend. Need to know what deco's and plants are going in as well. Thanks!
  19. Anthony10 Member Member

    Unless you don't want the sail fin mollies and normal mollies breeding, they should all be the same gender.

  20. WolfaraRose Member Member

    I do not mind the breeding. Honestly keeping these tanks that I have in tip top shape and tweaking them is my life. It helps with my bipolar as well, so rearing fry makes for an enjoyable past time for myself.