800 Gallon Stocking For Beginners

would it work?

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Nameer Khan

For my first saltwater tank I would love to go for a 800g reef tank. I have seen tanks with multiple tangs and I eould love to do that. Would this tank work?

1 powder blue tang
1 blue tang
1 yellow bellied blue tang
1 purple tang
1 yellow tang
1 cole tang
1 chevon tang
1 brushtail tang
2 manderine
2 longfin ocellaris clownfish
2 frostbite clownfish
2 snowflake clownfish
2 picasso clownfish
2 diamond watchman gobies
10 blue/green chromis
20 cleaner shrimp
20 fire shrimp
20 blue legged hermit crabs
5 emerald crabs
15 nessarius snails
10 ninja snail
1 brittle starfish


stella1979 Lchi87 coralbandit

I’m just going to tag some saltwater people They may have an idea on this stocking.


Wow! An 800 gallon? That would be insane, (and beautiful:joyful, for me because I am a nano keeper, so, unfortunately, know little about stocking large fish. I can only speak for the little guys, and even then, an 800 gallon might change my regular advice.

Normally, I might comment that the different clown morphs are a bad idea, but with a tank so large, it might be just fine. Gobies are also best kept separate, but there's plenty of space here. They will appreciate a mature sandbed, so best not to add them right away. Also... you've got the mandarin police on your tail. These are very delicate fish and it is very sad to watch them die of starvation because they won't eat what you're offering and are not finding enough of their natural diet, (hundreds of copepods per day), in your tank. (Ask me how I know.) There are fish advertised to be tank bred and raised on prepared foods, so the aquarist and even the seller think things will be fine. However, we can't take nature out of the equation for these guys. A stressor, (such as shipping, or simply the new environment after coming home with you), can easily lead the fish to stop accepting prepared foods. The very best practice is to only add these fish to a very mature tank, with a very large and diverse pod population... and even then, they may decimate the population if the aquarist isn't very careful to manage it, (this can end up taking a lot of time, not to mention costing a lot.) If you will get mandarins, I beg of you to be very thorough with your research and exceptionally prepared to offer live foods and dose your tank with pods and pod food.

That said, I would really love to see a huge tank like this come together. If things are going well for some time, then I might think about adding mandys. In the meantime, I'll tag another member here with experience with large fish, in hopes that he can help you with the other stocking. Jesterrace


For the mandarins you could just introduce live copepods a week or two ( maybe more for safety) early before adding them into your tank. This will allow the copepods to become plentiful and breed and then your mandarins will have a steady supply of live food. Maybe even add a bottle of copepods monthly and you are good to go.


Multiple clownfish in one fish tank is a no-no and seems a bit too tight to me. Nonetheless 800 gallons is a lot of space and bow I am drooling at the thought of an 800 gallon tank fileld with yellow tangs right now.

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