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  1. Kianna

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    Hey guys!

    I just got my 75 set up and it is cycling while I'm on vacation I can't seem to make up my mind on what I want to put in there though. I'd love to have an angelfish or two, but I'm open to other larger statement fish that would do well in a community tank. Once I've decided on that I think I'll be able to decide on what schooling fish to put in there. Although suggestions are more than welcome!!

    I have an Aqueon306 rated for 60gallons and an Aquatop rated for 125gallons

    TIA! 20190702_214507.jpg
  2. Finatic005

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    What is the pH like? Do you like the idea of schooling fish?? If you tell me that, I’ll might have some interesting ideas
  3. OP

    KiannaNew MemberMember

    I typically keep my tanks at 7.0
  4. Finatic005

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    Ok good. Have you ever heard of rummynose Rasbora? A large school of them would look beautiful.
  5. OP

    KiannaNew MemberMember

    They would look great!! The angel won't eat them?
  6. Finatic005

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    I don’t know much about angels personally, but if they are labeled as peaceful then no, they won’t eat them. Also if you have shrimp or fry or possibly eggs in there, the rummynose might eat them. Also look at peacock gudgeons.
  7. BottomDweller

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  8. 006

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    Peacock eel. Basically got me interested in tanks again. If I couldn't find him I'd have went with some form of loaches, granted i'd never had them.
    Had some unknown gobby (lets say he was knight gobby) in the past and it was fun to watch him stick his head out and spit gravel around.
    Taste of course matters, as I like ugly bottom fish mostly, but I personally look for small fish I like that grow to a reasonable size.